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October 26 2011

Jewel Staite's Latest Foodie Blog: First Up, Montreal!

I know should probably talk here about how engaging her food blog is (and it IS) but what really struck me is how Jewel just gets more beautiful every year.

Well, that and how jealous I'm feeling about her vacation in Montreal. ;-)
How can someone eat so much awesome food and still look so fab and slender? Sigh.
Gosh dang that Jewel, she always makes me hungry for dishes I couldn't hope to make.

Bless her heart still, it's the thought, right?
Everything I've eaten in Montreal was amazing. Everything.
Hera, I doubt she eats like that every night. :)
I love reading this blog; she has such a clear, engaging and just plain fun voice. Love it!
As a sidenote - Peter David wrote/co-created Space Cases, mentioned in Jewel's blog entry. He is better known to Whedonverse aficionados as the writer of Spike: Old Times and Spike vs. Dracula as well as being a prolific writer of other comics, novels, tv and movies (lots of genre stuff).

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