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"It appealed to the schizophrenic in me, both of them actually."
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October 27 2011

Splitsider interviews BriTANicK's Brian and Nick about Much Ado. Some Q&A with two of the newest additions to the Joss Whedon stable of performers.

The shorts made my morning.
Do you mean the story about borrowing shorts from Joss or the internet shorts that you can watch on their website?
The internet shorts I knew about earlier... Joss's shorts I did not.
I just want to hang out at the swimming pool (I'd bring my own shorts!).
So we can expect to see Joss online, acting in a sketch in the upcoming weeks?

Cool, cool, cool!
Here BriTANicK do some Shakespeare Anonymous (some of which will be familiar to WHEDONesquers who've explored their site thoroughly. *Nudge, nudge, wink, wink*)

I think it may be one of my all-time favorite BriTANicK videos.

Cool interview.

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