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October 27 2011

Julie Benz's Surprise Engagement. She shares how her fiancée Rich Orosco popped the question and threw a surprise engagement party in their backyard...

with a mariachi band, taco truck and tequila shots.

Sounds like a bitchin' party. I love Julie Benz. She played my most favorite blonde female vampire of all time. Also, wasn't she the first character we ever saw in the Buffy series? I would totally do a shot with her on that basis alone. Felicitaciones, Hoolia Benzita.
Congrats Julie and Rich!
Congratulations!! And yes, she was the first vampire ever in BtVS.
Squishy, Like With Pie: She was also the first recurrign character to show up, right after the first disposable victim.

And with her it's not just a saying, it's literally true that she looks better as she ages. Rich is a very lucky "slightly younger man."

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