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October 27 2011

Felicia Day discusses 'The Guild', 'Dragon Age' and more. The lengthy interview focuses on web series and her history with them.

Great interview, thanks for posting this; I'm always impressed with how Felicia Day took a minor acting career and turned it around into a major internet influence. She really deserves to be named as one of the innovators in web video (plus I really love her comic books too).
Always love to hear more about FD's projects!

I saw the first Dragon Age episodes earlier this week, and I thought it was a lot of fun and I'm surprised what they accomplished on a tiny budget. The location they filmed at in the last episode was quite lovely so they got some really great shots out in the wilderness. I like Felicia's new character, she's quite feisty and already has an interesting antagonism/attraction with the knight she met on her journey.
You're welcome! I'm just glad that I found it. I was searching for something else, saw a mention of this, but figured that after 2 weeks someone must have already linked to it. But after a thorough check I found that no one else had. I definitely prefer interviews that tend to the more substantive, and am happy to have passed it on.

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