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October 28 2011

Interview with David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf about Grimm. David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf talk about their new show Grimm, which premieres tonight at 9 pm on NBC.

I've seen the "extended preview" and plan to watch the show. Portland as filmed is deep and mossy, very fairytaleish. I think everyone will enjoy the makeup and transformations. You have to keep watching or you might miss a momentary snarly-face. This will probably not be a show you can crochet in front of!
They've shot in and around my block several times now.
I concur with FloralBonnet, having seen the pilot episode via Grimm on Twitter. I love how Portland lends itself to this show and I hope it will keep growing on me (like nice, pretty green moss).
I thought of you, b!X, and wondered if we'd see you as a background player.
I saw this and thought it was very good. Scary and well done exposition of the plot. I wish I liked the lead better (he's the Chosen One, the one in all the world) but I did like his Wolfman helper a lot. He introduces the humor and lightness that I think tv dramas need.
The pilot was much better than I expected based on the (what now seems unfairly bitter) really bad reviews of this show from early summer from some random TV blogger/critics. I quite enjoyed it.
I am just glad I got to watch it once, a pox on the guy that sets programing on NBC, putting it up against Supernatural & Fringe. They will stay on my DVR, Grimm just does not have a spot.
I actually really enjoyed the pilot, it felt very nice and Buffy-esque with a couple lines that made me laugh. It has a nice tone as well, I'll definitely be watching next week!
I really like this NY Magazine interview with Sean Hayes (yes, that Sean, from Will & Grace). The first half is about Grimm: We have a fractured Hansel and Gretel story that will blow your mind.
It wasn't bad actually, I liked the score and the visuals.
My husband and I just watched it on Hulu Plus and really enjoyed it! Just read it had good ratings too so hopefully it sticks around for a bit too! They are showing it again tonight on NBC I believe at 9 pm if some have missed it but want to watch it.
I liked it - you could tell that they had totally worked out their look, as they discuss in the interview, and it looked like a million bucks. Really gorgeous - lush and kinda epic. (I love the sets and props, too, as well as the locations & photography. And yeah, Simon, also the music.)

The acting was fine - I especially liked their creepy guest "Blutbad" (although "interesting" German usage, there) played by TV veteran Tim Bagley. (He used to be on Will & Grace, so that brings us back around to Grimm producer Sean Hayes.)

And it *totally* wigged me out when I realized that old Aunt Marie was played by Kate Burton - daughter of actors Richard and Sybil - and two freakin' years younger than I am. I still think of her as Alice in the TV production of of Alice in Wonderland from the early 80's.

The writing was a little disappointing, I thought - felt kinda dumbed down or something - but then I remembered how much Buffy grew in just a few short episodes, and I was re-heartened. It's got room to grow, and I'll be watching again.

(Yeah, I didn't get its bad reviews either - but since it lowered my expectations, I was happily surprised when they didn't seem warranted.)
Sean Hayes' proposed Western ("Itís basically about the first therapist on the range...")sounds as if it may be the first psychological western of the 21st century. Plus ca change...
I really enjoyed it. I liked it much better than the pilot of Once Upon a Time, which I think is partly due to the fact that I thought the costumes and settings of OUaT were cheesy in fairytale land. Love that they are filiming in Portland and I swear that in one of those scenes they were in my brother's NoPo neighborhood.
One review I saw compared it to heavy, dark "Pushing Daisies," which I totally get (and like!). I also enjoyed it more than OUaT, but OUaT seems like it'll be more of a serial while Grimm looks to be more of a supernatural procedural. If it weren't for the actresses playing evil queen/mayor and the offspring of Snow White and Prince Charming, I'd drop the show, but they'll keep me coming back for the time being.

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