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October 28 2011

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 9 #3 preview. A four-page preview on the Dark Horse website.

Okay, this issue looks as though it's going to to be the best so far, Andrew Chambliss is doing the humor beautifully and Georges' artwork is continuing last issues trend of being brilliant. I'm really exciting for this season!
This looks fabulous. AC really has captured the voice of the characters. Even in this preview everyone sounds like themselves.

Can't wait to get this issue.
Heh. I have to laugh at Xander's "is this three years ago?" comment, which would place this issue firmly in 2005-2006... only for three panels later to have Andrew singing along to a 2011 song.
I always suspected that vampires and demons had their own real estate system!
Nice preview.Is Andrew making a new robot?
Technology! Spike has an iPhone.
Of course he has an iPhone. Remember when he searched for Twilight youtube clips on his laptop?
Gorgeous angst-ridden cover!
When I was reading #2, I thought back then that Xander and Dawn were fighting over something silly and reading these previews, fighting over Dawn's birthday seemed way too silly. It's a waste of page time to have them fight over something so silly like that. And seeing how Xander lied to the cops without a moment's hesitation about not seeing Buffy for days, I can totally see him and Dawn lying about why they were fighting. They're both that clever.

Oh, and was that rude of the cop to ask about why they were fighting or part of her job? Because it was a very private subject and none of her business.

I loved watching Willow at her job. I'd love to see more of her there, maybe Buffy or someone else visiting her at work.

I love Buffy, but it was a relief and a breath of fresh air seeing the other characters like Spike and Xander/Dawn in a scene without her. The past two issues were too Buffy-centric.

I'm saddened to see Buffy saying that she invited Andrew because that was the polite thing to do, I thought he was part of the Scoobies now.

And Spike is SO a Scooby! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!!!
I adore Spike smoking on the boat with that fedora. Severin's crib is severe. I cannot wait for this!
Buffyfantic, did Andrew ever make a previous robot?
I hope this isn't an Andrew/Warren characteristic mix-up.
The robots were more a Warren thing(the Aprilbot,the Buffybot].Andrew maybe picked up some tips though?

[ edited by Buffyfantic on 2011-10-29 22:05 ]
I'm wondering if Andrew is building a Buffy decoy. As Buffyfanatic said it's logical Andrew might have access to Warren's research.

The police are after Buffy. Something Is Coming For Buffy. Having a decoy (as we saw in The Chain) is not a bad idea.
Am I the only one who doesn't really see Andrew as the "Gaga" type of queerling? Like at all?
Mind you, my distaste for that song in particular could be clouding my judgment.
I think Andrew is the epitome of Gaga type of queerling.
I think he's the type to sing along to her while working on a robot. :)
Andrew is so much that type of queerling that there is an error in continuity here in that he SHOULD be throwing down his work and dancing joyously on a pretend disco ball cat walk.

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