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October 28 2011

Felicia Day to appear on 'The Talking Dead'. The Live show will air this Sunday on AMC.

I've set my DVR to record 'The Talking Dead' because I'll enjoy seeing Felicia discuss the 'Walking Dead' even though I've given up on the show... .
I enjoy The Walking Dead and The Talking Dead. And Felicia!

So, cool!
Wow, Felicia is pretty ruthless. Don't run away from the zombie mob with her by your side.
This after-show feature is kinda cool, frequently funny, answers questions the viewer might have right after the show (glad Kirkman is adamant about not spoiling things, especially for the comics, which I haven't read yet). Haven't been going online much to talk about the shows I watch these past few months, wish more channels had "special features" and discussion available right after new episodes. It's fun getting DVD/blu-ray-style extras in realtime (HBO and AMC also have extras OnDemand, maybe more channels do it as well).

Boyfriend just came over, can watch the new ep and Talking Dead now.

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