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October 29 2011

Happy Birthday, Tim Minear! The writer/producer/director is 48 today.

Happy Birthday to Tim! I'm looking forward to his episode of American Horror Story on Wednesday.
Happy Birthday, Fellow Tim-type Person. Hope it's a Shiny one, you ol' Browncoat you!
Happy birthday, TM.
Keep being awesome, like every year and we'll keep loving you. Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday! I made this protein cake as chocolatey as I could...
"Day" is a vestigial mode of time measurement based on solar cycles. It's not applicable...

I didn't get you anything.

But I love ya anyway! ;)
Happy birthday Mr. Minear. I'm sorry I don't like your current show. Terriers was brilliant though.
This just in, Tim Minear's birthday has been canceled. :P
It feels very inappropriate, but LOL! Sorry ...

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