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October 30 2011

Director of Photography Jay Hunter talks Much Ado About Nothing. Fab interview about Joss' Shakespearean movie at

Lots of nice tidbits in this. It sounds as though Joss got just the right guy to be DP, as he seems to have the perfect background for this.
Nice to hear the comment about the crew cracking up.

Shakespeare's "humour" is notoriously hard to pull off.
Ooh... prime lenses!

Sorry - got distracted there.
This is off topic but I clicked the author of the interview's page and it says that he founded the SaveAngel campaign? How come I'm just now hearing about this... I thought it was more of a group collective?

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There was Save Angel and Saving Angel - two separate campaigns.
Like the JPF and the PFJ?
Everyone was basically doing it for gas money and lunch. So no oneís getting rich off this, it was all just for the love, but we canít wait to come back and do it again.

Marvelously enlightening interview. Love getting all the insights about the decision to shoot black and white, hand-held, and with a mix of natural and artificial light.

Candle-lit movie-making! That can make a lot of darkness visible, like The Grapes of Wrath.
Oh ok, cool Simon. Learn something new everyday! This was a really good interview. My favorite of the bunch so far. I hope Joss does more projects like this in the future so we could see more content from him. Whats better, waiting a year for a project to get finished or a few weeks? I know what I'd rather have. Yeah theres the TV series option too but unless its cable its canceled pointless.

2012: Year of the Whedon.
I have a sneaking suspicion that if MaaN, after making the Film Fest Circuit, should land a Million Dollar-plus Distribution Deal, then Joss would most likely make sure everyone has more than "Gas Money". Just sayin', is all.
That was a great interview, it gave a lot of insight into the project without spoiling the movie in any way. I cannot wait to get to see MAAN!
Every interview makes me more impatient to see the film!

Pretty off-topic, but the reference to "Vows" made me wonder if we will ever learn the original plan for the post-Epitaph One scenes in Season 2.
What I would say to his fans is that the reason he is able to make things like this is because of the fans, the fact that he has so many diehard followers that will seek out his material no matter what. Keep on doing that, and the chances of more things like this happening are a lot more likely.

Well, we're notoriously good networkers too and, we work for cheap!
I missed all of the announcement of this, only seeing it a couple of days after all the twittering and stuff.

Still kind of can't believe that this is happening. Another, fully fledged, Joss Whedon feature film next year. I initially assumed that this would be an Internet only thing, probably just someone filming one of the infamous Shakespeare get togethers at the Whedon homestead. Instead, this looks like they are really wanting to get it playing in various cinemas around the world. Fingers crossed for a nice big distribution deal.

Great interview here, with some interesting little technical titbits. Certainly sounds like the right man for the job was found.
Slightly OT this, but I've always wondered whatever happened to the Serving Girl Project. Joss had composed music for it, Summer Glau was waaay enthusiastic about dancing for Joss, and.... Nada. Asking too much, I know, but I wish they would/could get a chance to finish that.
Maybe he's stealth filming it right now...
@TDBrown - As I understand it, that was one of the projects that kept getting pushed back, due to other commitments for Joss (Dollhouse, his little art house picture The Avengers, etc.) and Summer (Terminator, possibly Cape.) Hopefully, with this new studio of his, we can possibly get to see some movement on that too.
Hi, gang, this is the Simon of that other Whedon site (the one with more name changes than P. Diddy.) Was a fun interview, and Jay was pleased to hear you enjoyed reading it. A slight clarification from him that he was joking about "basically doing it for gas money and lunch." Apparently they got enough for gas, lunch and a nice dinner, too. Says he, "My point was more that we all get paid very good money normally and everyone gladly took a huge pay cut to be involved in the project."

Also, an exclusive filmgeek bit for you all, something I didn't get to include in the original interview: the equipment used on the shoot were two Red Epic with Panavision lenses for the A & B cameras, and for certain special shots, a Canon 7D. The Epic is the new, portable 5k "hybrid" camera introduced last year by Red, and the one used to shoot The Hobbit and upcoming Spider-Man reboot. (see:
Thank you for the tech info, Whedonage. I always love knowing this stuff.
That's pretty much what we're hoping to shoot Lust for Love with, Whedonage.

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