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October 30 2011

(SPOILER) A roundup of reviews for Buffy Season 9 #2. IGN says "Season 9 tells stories in the style of the original TV show without having to make the same sorts of budgetary concessions". Geeks of Doom thought the issue was "a good, fun read". The Comic Book Review liked it and said Buffy was "not relegated to one end or another of a gender-role dichotomy". The Daily Blam! liked the plot device but thought the story relied too much on self-pity and What Culture! thought the book "shows great promise".

Our own review thread can be found here. If you've found any other interesting reviews or want to promote your own reviews, please do mention them in the comments section.

Side note: true.
I'm surprised and heartened to be enjoying the Buffy and Angel/Faith comics so much. I miss the snap of Joss's dialogue already, and I hate the intrusion of fashion (not least popcult vampire fashion!!) into the Jossverse - it's annoying to come across secondhand metaphors and style in what I always loved thinking of as a self-contained universe of, y'know, Ours - but both books have shown promise this 'season,' and it'll be nice to read an Angel comic that doesn't make me groan with displeasure every single issue...
I am really enjoying these two books. I was not, as much like many a big fan of Season 8 and it is nice to have Buffy & gang back to them old selves! Getting Willow away from magic was one of the best things they could have done :D
Yeah, it's pretty nice to not only be enjoying Angel and Faith, but to be as excited about it as I used to be about the show. It certainly beats buying out of loyalty and being endlessly disappointed like I was with IDW's efforts.
Yep, chalk me up as another one of those readers dissapointed with S8, but still buying the comics because, well, Buffy, and who is now happy and excited again about reading them. It really feels like our favorite show has returned. The book feels much more like the show now than it ever did in S8 - and that includes the early issues, which I still liked. Also: Angel and Faith is shaping up to be an excellent book in its own right, much better than what IDW was offering us for most of the post-ATF stretch (excluding most of Brian Lynch's work, which was pretty much always worth reading).

All in all, so far, I'm a very happy reader.
Wait, fashion where now? I missed out on the first issue of Angel so I never got the chance to follow the series.

Also I may be missing where clothing served as tying to metaphors... Do you mean like one of the forthcoming covers? (that's not a spoiler right? That someone on a cover is wearing clothing?)
Good to see that Andrew Chambliss is so well welcomed to the 'verse.
Well, I just finished my own review, almost a week late. If anyone would like to check it out, please do so HERE. As per usual, comments are always welcome.

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