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October 31 2011

Bellwether Pictures announces next film. In Your Eyes is "a metaphysical love story about two seemingly polar opposites who are deeply connected in ways neither could have ever imagined." Joss will write, with Brin Hill to direct.

Wow. Good news keeps coming. Awesome. I don't think I know Brin Hill but time to research. Goooooo google!

Okay just looked him up, still haven't heard of him. That is fine of course, I am no film expert, plus new people come along all the time and I don't hear of them. I kind of live on a cruise ship, and by kind of I mean I do. He could have had 5 of the biggest movies in the last 5 years and I would be lucky if I knew about 1.

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Can't wait to see the cast choices here! When does Much Ado release, anyone?
Doing the festival circuit in the spring, Willowy, at which point I imagine a release date will be determined by whether a studio picks it up for distribution.
A studio? Aren't they going to release it online, like Dr. H?
In the press release, they said they were hoping to go theatrical. I think Bellwether is going to be producing content for a couple mediums (media?), and I imagine part of their motivation behind going theatrical with Much Ado would be as a proof-of-concept that film production has changed enough that an on-the-cheap, tiny film shoot has the potential to go theatrical and (hopefully) do well, as long as the material itself is high-quality.

But everything after the first "theatrical" is pure speculation on my part.
Good grief, all of a sudden Joss Whedon becomes the man who does everything. This is excellent.
Nice to see that Avengers money going to good use. :) Keep knocking down those clipboards, Joss.
Boom!! That is so frickin' awesome! Joss is on such a roll here. Also loving how much Kai seems to be involved as well (visibly at least, as I assume she's had a lot to do with all of Joss' works).
I was thinking the same thing, Kaan. Love that she's officially a producer on this one, and excited to see how she affects the work. And the answer is probably not much, considering she's likely been working behind the scenes longer than we know.
Sounds awesome but I'm worried that this means more delay on DH2, which is what I really can't wait for.
Wow, the salty goodness just keeps coming.

Looks like Joss Whedon is out to single-handedly* change the way the entire movie business is done.

*Single-handedly meaning with the assistance of the his myriad set of multi-talented minons both in front of and behind the camera.
What Joss and Kai are doing with Bellwether is fantastic. I would suggest they're more taking advantage of the existing fact that a movie can be made very independently and inexpensively and wind up relatively successful as far as distribution goes. They're less proving a point and more reveling in the reality. If they get any theatrical or DVD distribution they're in good company, and even a wide theatrical release is precedented. And that sometimes leads to getting money to make more movies!

Although "Much Ado about Nothing, the Third" may not have the same selling power as "Paranormal Activity 3" ;)
Does Joss ever take a vacation, rest or even sleep?

I once saw him go for nearly twenty six seconds without doing something. True story. I was shocked.

Of course on a cellular level he was probably still quite busy.
Calm down man! This is surely too much work for one person to handle. We don't want you damaging that nice brain of yours.

Does sound as if he will have a little less to do with this one though, after writing duties. The way he talks about it being in the hands of a capable team suggest he might be leaving most of the actual production stuff to them.

On the Much Ado release, that is actually something I'm a little disappointed with. It's great that there will be another Joss piece up on the silver screen next year, but there is a very high chance I will probably end up having to wait to see it, pretty much no matter how big the distribution deal is (which I'm guessing probably won't be that massive anyway.) My local Vue is terrible at showing anything vaguely outside of the mainstream, meaning I miss out on a lot of films I otherwise would go and see. I would have to go into London and, despite not being too far from it, public transport is terrible for getting there. So, purely from selfish viewpoint, I would want you all to miss out on seeing it on the big screen, so I'm not the only one!

Hope there is some kind of simultaneous theatrical and Internet release. I also wonder if they are using this as a test bed for DH2. They did say they hoped to get it into cinemas.
Joss is killing our categories :p.
Kai for President. Of Awesome.

Also, Dollhouse was announced four years ago today.
I wonder if Bellwether Pictures is going to make The Serving Girl.
I forgot about that, gossi, but yeah, it was announced on my b-day. I think Joss likes me (or Halloween).
Based on this:
“When I wrote In Your Eyes, I didn’t have the wherewithal (or the moxie) to make it without an established production house,”...

It sounds like Joss could have quite a treasure trove of written yet unproduced! projects that he's wanted to make. That would make sense, most creative types do.

*drooling now*
Suddenly Joss Whedon has become a movie mogul. Do you think he is going to start wearing italian suits and start smoking cigars?

I imagine Joss had hundreds of unproduced ideas for films inside of his head. Look at all of the never-made projects on his wikipedia page for reference.

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Although "Much Ado about Nothing, the Third" may not have the same selling power as "Paranormal Activity 3" ;)

It would be awesome if Paramount bought the rights to "Much Ado" and launched a similar "demand it!" viral approach to get people interested in seeing it (like they did with the first PA film). Provided there's interest in a noir-ish, b&w film -- but the word-of-mouth and viral marketing would so much cheaper than a traditional marketing approach.

But I do like how Bellweather Pictures isn't just a one-film deal. More power to Kai and Joss for expanding their horizons.

And since Joss shot it on the cheap, a couple of million dollars would be a nice return on investment.
I'm pretty sure the marketing for Serenity was mostly "word-of-mouth and viral marketing" and oh so cheap. It also failed spectacularly. Very few films actually succeed that way. PA is an outlier.
In fairness, Serenity was a $40m'ish movie. MAAN is not.

But I doubt joss is making these thinking 'it'll be a Hit!'. I think he's making them because he has to, for himself. He went from a $200m summer film to a B&W movie shot in his house. And that, ladies and gentlepeeps, is why I'm a fan.

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Joss is not a mogul yet. We have not seen how he intends to monetize this; and for sure, he cannot continue developing films in the absence of financing. The future looks bright but is not yet firm.
Yeah but Serenity cost about 40 million dollars to produce. Somehow I'm doubting Joss spent that much out of his pocket. A small Kevin Smith-like gross wouldn't be too bad as far as expectations go, no?

Gossi, Does Universal still own the script rights to Goners?

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I have no idea. Probably. My radical idea is they should, you know, make it.
Yeah, Serenity is not the kind of film in question (studio produced, financed, distributed). Paranormal Activity and MAAN are. It's not common for a movie like that to be so financially successful, my point was that it is precedented. MAAN wouldn't be the first by far if it happened (though I suppose would still be part of the pioneering effort). More likely though is that MAAN can get a limited theatrical release and DVD distribution, which is fairly common in comparison.

The more people do movies this way that get noticed, the more likely people will be interested in watching them, and as the demand goes up, so will the supply. :)
As soon as I read the movie's title, this song (youtube link) is what I thought of. (I fell in love to this album, so maybe that's why...)

I notice that "In Your Eyes" producer Michael Roiff produced Waitress, which starred our Captain and Keri Russell, so there you have another 'Versey connection.

"I also have a 37% increase in moxie."

I guess to hell he does. Yay for Jossir's moxie - and an extra yay for Kai moxie.

(And yeah - Universal should either make Goners or set it free. For frak's sake.)
Awesome! Looks we're soon going to have more purple goodness on film than we know what to do with. I think 2012 is going to be an amazing year. :-)
Will be interesting to see a Joss-ian romance...
Very exciting that we already know the next Bellwether Pictures film! I hope this venture proves lucrative for the Whedons and we get to see a lot more of Joss vision get produced this way. Also: free Goners!
I wonder if we'll see Suspension and Afterlife making an appearance down the line (I like to repeat myself).
I keep trying to determine for certain if Universal's option on Goners expires or some such thing, but have never been able to. So, yeah, as far as anyone knows or has said (or, rather, not said), it's still parked in a drawer at Universal. Joss did say something a little over a year ago about it.
Afterlife would be very fun to see executed, but both films are pretty big budget right down to their concepts, so I'd be surprised if we got it.

But I'd love it nonetheless.
QG: "(I fell in love to this album,..."
I fell in love with it, so my reaction to seeing the title was probably about the same. Now I can't stop hearing that track, and have to find a decent recording somewhere in my environment to satisfy the need for a good listen.
Micro-studios are run by mondo-moguls of maxi-moxie!

ETA Peter Gabriel has put out two new, orchestral versions of In Your Eyes, one wordless, both gorgeous.

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I'm pretty sure the marketing for Serenity was mostly "word-of-mouth and viral marketing" and oh so cheap. It also failed spectacularly. Very few films actually succeed that way. PA is an outlier.

Wow, you missed the point of my post entirely. Congratulations.
Mcjw, your original post included the statement: "Provided there's interest in a noir-ish, b&w film -- but the word-of-mouth and viral marketing would so much cheaper than a traditional marketing approach." IrrationaliTV's response makes perfect sense in that context.

There's a significant difference between a mass market horror movie and a weird, likely comparatively niche Shakespeare adaptation. It might be cheaper to go viral(ish), but that doesn't necessarily mean the approach works for a less mainstream genre (which even you admit with your "provided there's interest"). In the context of this site's experience, the most direct comparison indeed is Serenity which attempted to go the cheap, viral(ish), fan motivation route and failed spectacularly.

That's a point irrelevant neither to the issue at hand, or your comment.
It's Halloween and this is the second new film project good news in a week. Must we snipe?
Joss is killing our categories :p.

Yeah - was just about to send a 'good luck' out there on keeping those categories manageable/up to date.
Funny thing. There was a quiet glitch we didn't even know was there until last week, which made new categories not work. All fixed now! Bring on new things. :)
This has been a week of fantastic magical news from the Bold Purple Dude! I for one have been more than a little joyed.

ETA Correction: Two weeks.

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Okay, so is there like a Bellwether Pictures DVD subscription service? Like $10/month and I get a new Joss Whedon production DVD in my mail box (snail or electronic, I'm not picky) every so often? Maybe some out takes, production diaries, the Whedon family grocery list, etc to tide me over between major productions. I have a general aversion to monthly fees, but that would so be worth it.
QG et al,

The Peter Gabriel song is also what I immediately thought of. With or without John Cusack holding a boombox over his head. ;)

And yay! I am so happy about the coming years (not just year) of Joss. This is pretty gorram exciting.
This is getting awesomer and awesomer.
This is some great news! We now have - count 'em - 4 Joss Whedon movies to look forward to (not counting Goners and Afterlife, of course), ranging from niche indy fare to a massive summer blockbuster. This is life as it should be.

ETR the plural from 'blockbuster' - this awesome streak of Whedony goodness is awesome enough by itself without pimping it up with lies ;).

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Yay for new Joss talky word script being shooted!
Such a big change from the days of Joss working on Wonder Woman and nothing happening.

IrrationaliTV beat me to it that it's great to see the money he likely made on Avengers being used this way. Plus he can promote these films when he does a ton of press as Avengers opens.

I wonder if this film might open in 2012, making it 4 Joss movies coming out in one year.
Sunfire wrote
Funny thing. There was a quiet glitch we didn't even know was there until last week, which made new categories not work. All fixed now! Bring on new things. :)

When you said Joss was killing our categories I thought it meant in a sort of conceptual way, as in breaking boundaries between genres, and how media are produced and how they are distributed and marketed and all that kind of stuff. And I was just contemplating how he is so polymorphously competent that he is shaking up our whole conception of what it means to be an artist.

But now I see you meant he was killing our categories.

Never mind.

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