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October 31 2011

"American Horror Story" renewed. Tim Minear's writing gig gets "one of the fastest pickups in the history of the network."

Haven't paid much attention to this show. Has anyone seen it? Is it any good? Now would be a good time for me to jump on with a marathon airing tonight.
That's great news! I'm loving the show so far.
It's just about the craziest thing on TV right now, eddy. Depends on your tolerance for that sort of thing--in another life, I can see despising it--but as it is, it's just ridiculous and dumb enough for me to really like it.
I'm loving the show. I think its one of the best new shows this season! If you haven't tuned in, catch the marathon tonight.
I'm digging it.
American Horror Story and the Walking Dead are really changing television horror. It's scary, and graphic, and awesome. Go watch it.
One of my favorite shown on TV right now. Really well done.
For anyone in the UK, the show is starting here on FX on the 7th November.

Glancing at some of the reactions on here for the US airing of the pilot, it seemed to be getting quite a mixed reception. Has it improved or is it just not for everyone? Even a few horror fans were saying it was a bit weak.
AWESOME! This show is so good. I love Frances Conroy.
My wife and I don't normally do horror, but last night, we were in the holiday spirit and put it on. Well, I think we both liked it, but very, very creeped out. The show is more creepy than scary, if you have the same definitions for those words as me. Didn't know Tim Minear was connected to this, so I guess I'll just have to keep watching.

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Vandelay, it's not for everyone. It isn't pure horror. It isn't pure camp. It is over the top creepiness with a side of weird.
It is frequently unintentionally funny.
This is not a genre that I like, but Mr. Minear deserves to have a show that lasts a while, so I'm happy for him.
I am happy for Tim Minear--not to mention Connie Britton, whom I adore--but after watching the pilot, I don't think it's for me.

I love certain kinds of horror. House of Leaves is one of my favorite things ever, and so is Let the Right One In, and I love Neil Gaiman (who is usually not straight horror, but almost always has at least a little horror mixed in).

But sadly, I don't think I can watch this show every week. I don't do well with the freaky supernatural stuff ... even with Buffy and Angel, the ghostlier episodes freaked me out the first time I watched them. :-/
Kinda what embers's said; I think it's a show where you should just ignore all intentions and try to have a blast watching. I laugh a lot, I don't know if I'm meant to be but I don't want to know either. Just enjoy -- if you can.
I was going to watch it cause I like a bit of creepiness and horrr but then I realised The Fades filled that particular gap for me quite nicely.
Nice birthday present for Tim, if he can handle not being canceled. IDK about "unintentionally funny" -- can TM do that? He's a sneaky dude. (Was going to say "sly trickster" but can't do it post Firefly) Guess I'll have to watch.
Tim finally gets past his 13-episode limit!

@Simon: Glad to see that someone else watches The Fades - definitely with a bit of creepiness and horror!
It's well deserved. The show is a rare and wonderful thing - quality, entertaining horror television.
There is no denying this show is well made and well cast (I still can't get over the fact they have a two-time Academy Award winner in there and she is doing a bang up job as a nasty piece of work version of Blanche DuBois, next-door neighbor). There is also no denying it is not a mainstream show for most Americans; however, many, many people are discovering it and thanks be to the Genre Gods it is on a network which allows it to be the creature it is. Congrats again to Tim, Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and all the writers.
I'm having a blast watching this show and I think the humor *is* intentional. (They know Jessica Lange is being intentionally campy.) I just wonder what Tim Minear is going to call himself now on Twitter, as @cancelledagain just won't do this year (thank goodness)!
So I guess we'll have to think of another nickname besides "the Tim Reaper." Kudos to Mr. Minear; you certainly deserve it. :)
deepgirl187, I thought Tim got that name by killing off characters (not shows). Pretty sure he'll be able to keep it. So much killing, so little time. :)
The show is kind of a glorious trainwreck. It frequently makes little sense, but all the same, I look forward to seeing what kind of craziness will happen each week.
Spirits and shovels and insanity, oh my!
Operatic, over the top, unsettling, unafraid of reaching for the "ick." Opinions on AHS are crazy polarized, in a way I can't recall a show engendering in recent years. Personally, I'm enjoying the ride. I get a Twin Peaks vibe from it, and I really liked Twin Peaks. Adult beverages and snarky company may enhance your viewing experience. (Rumor has it.)
When it doesn't make sense, you can wait a bit, and in the next episode or the one after that there were be a filling-in of the story.

Crazy/creepy? Yes. And the rubber guy?? One of the actresses says in a clip that she didn't know you could put that on TV.

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