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October 31 2011

Fan-made Angel Season 5 trailer. An excellent final trailer from youtube user BuffyverseTrailers, this one is Angel Season 5.

Very epic. Makes me want to go back and watch the season again.

And makes me wish there were more to come.
That was fantastic.
FINALLY!!! I've been waiting.
That made me teary. Well done!
I really hope they do a trailer for Firefly. And Dollhouse. And Dr Horrible.
Soooooo sorry we never got more of this!
Those trailers are so intense! And perfect!
Now that Angel trailer season 5 is done, I'm going to miss new ones...
I cried more in season 5 for Wes/Fred/Illyria in the "lie to you" scene than any part of the series and believe me I cried buckets for and with Spike. This video makes me sad that the show ended when it did. Loved the Cordy/Devil scene. lol
I agree, the "lie to you" scene is one of the most beautiful and emotional scenes of both shows.

Loved the trailer anyway. This guy has done an amazing job creating smart and epic trailers for the 12 seasons of the Buffyverse. I really hope we'll see more Whedonverse videos from him.
Amazing! Makes me want to watch season 5 again.

ETA: The Angel season 1 one is brilliant too. Love these.

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My favorite season of Angel. I hope he makes more videos of the other Whedon shows.
He really has a knack for editing and I hope he continues playing with it.

However, I was surprised we didn't see Puppet Angel in the stinger. The clip he chose was great, but I was still surprised.
It was interesting that it really came across as the Angel and Spike show. What incredible gold was lost in terms of what those two could have done together.
I've been waiting months for this!!! This guy (or girl) is amazing!

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