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November 01 2011

Buffy - Myth, Metaphor and Morality. A first post of a site worth watching.

"Growing up involves choices, making decisions about what kind of person we want to be. Buffy has to make those choices; pretty much every episode presents Buffy with decisions only she can make and the consequences of her decisions. The choices she makes (that we all make) don't just reveal who she is right now, they shape what she will become in the future."

wow, that was thorough. Good read. Agree with a lot. Adding to my bookmarks!
Note that this is the commenter Sophist from the Onion AV Club's Buffy/Angel watch. His comments are one of the main reasons to read those articles. Great insight.
Oh, of course! Thanks for making that click, Topdeck, totally going to give this a read soon.

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