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November 01 2011

Summer joins Scent Of The Missing, pilot to start shooting this month. Glau, will play a new member of the K-9 Search and Rescue team who is beautiful and very wealthy but much tougher than she looks.

Show stars Tricia Helfer as a tenacious, strong-willed K-9 Search and Rescue volunteer who works with an equally determined partner her mischievous golden retriever, Puzzle.

Great news!
I hope it will help Summer becoming an a-lister and receive the praise she deserves (if the pilot is picked up of course).
Interesting enough premise, but man, I wish they had settled on a different title. HOO-ah! RUFF!
The pilot description reads like a spoof but fair play to her for getting the gig. Cable is where it's at these days.
I agree Simon. "Mischievous" is not exactly the quality you want in a SAR dog....

But if this moves Summer away from being typecast in "Scifi/comic book" roles then that can only help her career.
Isn't "tougher than she looks" a redundant description of all of Summer Glau's characters? :)
When I saw a headline reading "Number Six and River Tam and Dogs on TV!" It really got my interest. I quit reading after the two character names, and missed the dog part.
The pilot description reads like a spoof but fair play to her for getting the gig.

Sometimes reality is a cliche.
I would wager the pilot will have little to do with reality.
This could be a good show. I remember reading about one SAR dog during some disaster where the dog got depressed because all they were finding were dead bodies. Some of the team had to hide themselves so that the dog could find live people.
If they cast the dog right, they've got it made.;-)
Summer Glau and Tricia Helfer on the same show? My brain cannot comprehend...

Wow and yay!
@Lioness, I read the same thing and I am looking forward to the show...and glad it will be on cable, now just hope it gets picked up and can stay around. What could be better, Summer, Tricia AND a dog.

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