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"Buffy: Vampires are creeps. Giles: Yes, that's why one slays them."
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November 01 2011

Nick and Brian (BriTANick) answer your Much Ado questions. A few days ago The Shakespeare Geek blog asked for questions to Brian and Nick about their experience working on Much Ado and have now posted the completed interview.

Having now had him as a director, in what Shakespearean role do you see Joss Whedon?

Henry V, he's charming, fearless, and having worked with him once we would happily follow him into war with France. If Henry V was alive today, Firefly never would have been cancelled.

Hee, hee, hee!!! :D
Wonderful interview, so much fun to read!
Possibly the first time Dogberry and Gandalf have ever inhabited the same paragraph. Excellent.
Jenny Agutter is in The Avengers?!

Holy crap, what you miss when you're avoiding spoilers.
I came to post the Henry V/Firefly quote as well. The questions were great too. Who better to ask questions than a Whedon/Shakespeare fan?

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