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November 01 2011

Bid to win an "In Your Eyes" walk-on role. The auction supports The Adrienne Shelly Foundation.

Are the principal roles already cast?
They may be cast, baxter but they haven't been announced.
I like that the walk on role has free shipping!
Cool, maybe somebody from here will get it.
Free Shipping? As in "Fed Ex"??
Does "walk-on" mean a speaking or non-speaking role? I imagine the winner won't get any significant dialogue but will they get a line? Or a word? I bet a speaking role would get much more money. Not from me, of course, but somebody...

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It sounds like a extra to me but I could be wrong. I think meeting Joss would be worth it though. Unfortunately I don't have that amount of money nor a plane ticket to fly to L.A.
So tempting. But working folk can't just drop everything and go to a shoot. If only they had some indication of a start date for filming, you could plan for it, or alternatively, give you 2 or 3 weeks notice of when you need to be available.
Could "free shipping" mean they'd pay to mail me to the shoot and back home again?
Caveat emptor:

Note: The scene(s)/shot(s) may be cut during editing of the final film at the discretion of the director.

But whether you actually appear in the movie or not, the experience would be fun, and the charity is certainly a worthy one to support.
Ship me, shoot me, cut me, put me on the DVD, thus making me a "double extra" and embarrassing/thrilling various members of my family.
Hunh. I didn't remember that the walk-on winner would be able to bring a friend. What a blast! Anyway, the winning bid was for $3,550. Counting in about $2500 for short-notice air and hotel for two, that's not bad for a unique vacation and minor celebritihoodness. (Yes, that's a word.) (('Cause I said so.))

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