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"Wasn't that guy dead?"
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November 02 2011

A great interview with James Marsters. In which he shares his thoughts on the Whedon-less Buffy reboot, Dragonball Evolution, Spike, Caprica, his new indie film and more.

That photo is priceless!
Nice interview.

The answer to the first question was a bit different when I asked a similar one at a Q&A. He started working in front of the camera because acting on stage wasn't paying the bills, which he had to do since he just got/were gaving his son.

I like this less serious "Everyone wants to be TV" answer as well.
I'm excited to hear about a movie.
Very nice interview and good for JM for giving a hat tip to the Buffy writers.
The only reason I stayed with Buffy for 7 seasons was Spike and season 5 of Angel with Spike was the best one. I love him reading the audio books of Dresden Files, with all his voices and accents it is like a movie playing in my head and my first vampire love was Spike. James was supposed to come to a con in Austin TX and I was going to see him, but at the last minute he had to cancel. If James is going to be in any movie or TV show, I am going to watch and loved this ep of Supernatural.
Classy and positive, which seems to be universal Whedonverse traits.

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Do you live in Austin rehabber? He's a guest at the comic con there next weekend (November 11-13.)
Is he posing as Rudolf?

Love the Marsters!
I love James Marsters as much as the next fella, but his quote about Dragonball: Evolution being ''too close to the source material'' is sickening. That travesty of a film couldn't be further from the source material if they replaced all of the characters with the cast of Skins. It's not even James' fault. He had literally five minutes playing the role of the lead antagonist. I'm extremely passionate about how terrible this movie is. ;)

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