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November 03 2011

Did You All See the "Written by Tim Minear" on Last Night's American Horror Story? "Halloween - Part Two" is now available on Amazon streaming and iTunes.

Mr. Minear graciously spreads the credit around, posting on Facebook that "the truth is all the scripts have been group efforts among the four key staff members, so there's at least a little of me in all of them after the pilot."

I would directly link to his comment but can't figure out how. Tim's Facebook is: It's the 6th comment under his link to the Salon article on The Awful Brilliance of American Horror Story.

That was probably the best episode since the pilot. Who are the other of the four key staff members? Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy, obviously, but who's the fourth? Probably either Jennifer Salt or James Wong?
Based on the credits thus far I'd say you're dead on regarding Salt and Wong. I have this episode sitting on my DVR and am looking forward to it.
Great episode, am loving this show.
This one had the most scares so far and the twists were ever-so-slightly more twisted. More Tim Minear, please.

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