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November 03 2011

Bones Season 7 premiere tonight on FOX. Looks to be a great season.

Is it 9pm yet? I'm overly excited about this show coming back. It's odd to feel that way about a show in its 7th season.
I wish I could say I was excited, but I'm still mad about how they handled booth & bones relationship. Seriously, 6 years and they did about as bad of a job as possible. People will use bones as an example of how not to do a "will they won't they" relationship.
@seermagicx, I agreee completely. I've been with this show through thick and thin, but am so lost as to the rationale at the end of last season. I know that Emily was pregnant, but many shows have worked around pregnancy before. I just don't feel it was the correct move.
Count me in as someone who's excited. I loved last season and can't wait to see S7.
I don't always like the way the story goes, but I always love watching DB and ED. Definitely in the happy-it's-back camp.
I love the surprise they pulled. Nothing more horribly boring than a lovey dovey happy relationship. It needs drama and the baby certainly adds that. Hart Hanson is doing something right to have a show like this in its 7th season. I'll tune in as long as they have the show on.
Ditto. And how they ended up like this made a lot of sense. Poor Mr. Nigel-Murray.

I love this show, love the humor between the two and the way in which Brennan can only ever be completely clueless about things. "I don't understand..." And anyway, any show which has Billy Gibbons in it every now and again has to be cooler than cool.

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I stopped watching a couple of seasons ago. It got to be way too much "Brennan doesn't understand basic social interactions or her emotions at all" and immature about the relationship stuff for me.
Last night's episode did extremely well in the ratings. So much for all the people who declared they were done with the show. :)
"Bones, don't go all Silence of the Lambs on me!"
"I don't know what that means!"
Um, yeah, I'm aware it still does well in ratings. And I'm glad it does. I do miss it. It's always been really good at showing science geeks in a procedural storyline.
My comment wasn't directed at you, Sunfire. More at the "fans" who stormed off in a huff last year because Hanson and co. didn't show Booth and Brennan having sex and surprised the audience with the pregnancy.
The pregnancy is the smartest thing Hanson did to avoid the will-they/won't-they trap. Spring it, go away for the summer, come back embedded in the new situation and go from there.

I watched only intermittently last year (actually, I might have seen them all, but while multi-tasking), for the same reason referred to above: namely that whereas early Brennan was about a lack of socialization or pop culture understanding, later Brennan became incapable of even making obvious logical or deductive leaps to understand what people were talking about. She became stupid instead of just disconnected.

We'll see how they deal with that this year. I enjoyed last night's new Booth/Bones dynamic, and I forgot how hilarious it is when the squints exhibit joy over their particular fields of grossness.
Augh. I may have to pick it up again just for the fields of grossness. I miss a good, gleeful Hodgins spiel about beetles he found in something really horrific. Or cats just casually eating a corpse in the opening scene.

I don't know. Watching Bones's character degrade over time quietly kills me inside though. I like her way too much to pay attention only to the geeky fun stuff.
There was beetle glee last night. It involved a brain.
Were there brain-eating beetles?
I've pretty much stopped watching, too. I know Kathy Reichs totally supports the series but I still read the mysteries (just finished the last one) and the show just has drifted too far away from the character I loved way befor the TV show aired.
I stopped watching years ago. I still saw the chemistry between the two leads, and red-haired nerd lady is hella sexy, but where is the CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT?

But still, hella sexy redheaded nerd lady (and chemistry) got me to the third season or so...not bad, for a non-Whedon procedural...

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I totally get the annoyance with "clueless-Brennan" because I so desperately want them to show her science-geek view of the world as RIGHT. I don't think the character-writing is that consistent from episode to episode, though.
Also,I love the new dynamic! Nice break from will-they/won't they, and I think Booth & Brennan are actually chalk & cheese enough to carry off being together without being boring.

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