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November 03 2011

(SPOILER) Behind Buffy Season 9: Buffy Enters "Freefall". Comic Book Resources continues their series of interviews with Editor, Scott Allie. Spoilers for the first two issues of Buffy Season 9.

There is also light spoilerish talk for next week's issue 3 towards the very end.The very last question and Scott's answer.

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Ooooh, so interesting. Points to consider:

1) "We wanted to be able to make it more about their real lives and where they're at personally." No dwelling on the past! S9 is about moving forward to new issues and problems, which is a big YES in my book!

2) S8 was about Joss figuring the plot as he went, but with S9 everything is laid out and Scott knows how the story is gonna end and how it will shape up. He's more involved in it than he was in S8.

4) Anaheed and Tumble won't be part of the Scooby gang, 'cause there isn't a Scooby gang anymore. The characters aren't as close anymore, all moving on with their lives to different directions.

5) S9 is about Buffy figuring out what to do with her life. You go, "I'm not apparently a rock star or the president or whatever I thought I'd be to change the world. I'm just me dealing with my crap. What does that mean?" That's where Buffy's at.

6) Willow will have major development and storylines up to #6.

7) Xander and Dawn will have their own storyline later in the season.

8) The cops will figure out how to deal with the vampires having equal rights as humans throughout the story. Buffy and Spike are major players in this storyline.

9) The breaking of the Seed has something hugely significant to do with Severin's origins that we'll find out next issue. YAY!!
I'm glad that they re-start this Behind thing. Keeps people on their toes.

Plus *cough*koh*cough*

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