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November 03 2011

Fran Kranz and Dichen Lachman talk about Lust For Love. It's part one of a video interview where the two of them answers fans' questions about the movie. Part two can be found here and part three can be seen here.

Hehe - I wanted to post this, but didn't since a) it was already linked, though way back when, so it's good to have an update with the new video, and b) because I'm the one that asked the Dollhouse reference question.

So now if Lust for Love has any Dollhouse references, I'm going to take full credit. :)

Plus, Fran Kranz said my name! :D Now to just find a way to get Nathan Fillion and James Marsters to do the same.
Cool - missed the original post on this, but just became a $35 backer. Great deal, that. Wish there'd be more projects like this one. With this, and the rise of Joss' independent projects, times are pretty good :).
Missed the original post too. Last night, on a whim, I went to watch the "Remains" music video and there was a link to this new project. Fran, Dichen, Enver, Mo, and (possibly) Felicia together again? There is no way this will fail to be awesome.

I need to go back and watch the interviews. The intro video of Fran explaining the premise was hilarious. Now I miss Topher...
Video three should be up later today.
In part three (@8:57) I successfully got Fran to give us a preview of his Claudio from Much Ado. And won "ten points for effort" from Dichen. Not bad for a day's work.
The thank you cakes for Dollhouse get a brief shout-out in part three.
If you're looking for folks to do PR for your fan-funded indie movie, you'd be hard pressed to find two better suited for the task.
Of course, it largely works because it's their project and so the PR matters to them.
As a heads up, they may have hit their kickstarter goal, but keep spreading the word as the more they get the better the movie will be for it. I can't be certain or speak for them, but knowing what it costs to make even a low-budget film in LA, I wonder if they accounted for Kickstarter's percentage take and the cost of fulfilling all the pledges.

So keep tellin' peeps about it!

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