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November 03 2011

(SPOILER) A very Whedony Cast in "A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas." Besides the already well-known appearances by Neil Patrick Harris and David Krumholtz reprising their roles, the film also features Patton Oswalt (from "Dollhouse") and Richard Riehle (Merrick on the TV "Buffy"). The names of the characters these last two play are spoilery.

Looking forward to this movie. Loved the other two.

Also, Kal Penn was in "Beer Bad".
Xeke beat me to it: Kal Penn was in both BtVS and Ats.
What's Ats, and what role did he play?
I wouldn't really consider those "whedony" people. Its a bit stretching...
Q: What's Ats,
A: Angel The Series
Q: And what role did he play?
A: Young Man in a Fez (That Vision Thing)
Sorry Squishy, he was the guy with the bare brain hidden under a fez, who was controlling Cordy (keeping her in pain) and Angel threw a piece of rebar into the limo to kill him.

Oh and the movie got a good review from EW.

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@Tumnus-How much work with Joss does someone have to do to be considered Whedony? NPH was the star of one of Joss' major productions, and Oswalt was in two episodes of Dollhouse (as many episodes as Christina Hendricks did of Firefly) and he wrote a Serenity Comic. Sounds worthy to me...
Duh, utterly forgot about Kal Penn! (Hits self with frying pan.)
I'm now picturing Shapenew's head getting stuck in the frying pan and coming out molded like the frying pan. Do we offer congratulations on your newly reshaped head?
BreathesStory, if the new shape is better at retaining pertinent facts than the old one, congratulations are in order. Unfortunately, I don't think the transformation will last ...
A friend saw the premiere here in Detroit last night and loved it. Kal Penn gets major bonus points for going out of his way to spotlight local shops and farms and crafty industries on twitter during his months here. Definitely looking forward to it. :)
@Jelly - I was mainly referring to the guy who was in about 2 minutes of one episode of Buffy being listed...
Gotcha. But hey, who doesn't love Richard Riehle, that guy's in everything! :)

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