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November 04 2011

Alan Silvestri signed to score "The Avengers". Confirmed. Sorry, David Newman, Carter Burwell.

After doing "Captain America" a short while back, Silvestri's official website has now added "The Avengers" to his assignments list. The news was leaked a couple weeks earlier at a music event where Silvestri's wife had told attendees he had gotten the job, but now it's publically official.

Bummed. Alan Silvestri is OK, probably one of the best among the recent Marvel flicks.
I was actually hoping for Michael Giacchino.
Alan Silvestri scored Serendipity, so The Avengers will be his second Joss Whedon movie.
No, first Whedon-directed movie. Standard practice is the director has say over choice of composer, score wanted, spotting (done, typically, in conjunction with the composer), and say on how things are going, and even firing if needed. Of course there are exceptions to the standard, where producers or studio heads, and even actors forcing their way into the scoring process, but this will be Silvestri's first time under thumb of Whedon.
OH, AND ... David Newman should have gotten this AND "Captain America".
I was actually hoping for Michael Giacchino. M.

Yes, his Mercenaries soundtrack is fantastic. I'd taken Hitoshi Sakimoto or Jesper Kyd as well.
Michael Giacchinno is a genius, but between Pixar, following Brad Bird into live action, and the JJ Abrams empire, he has a crowded diary.

Silvestri is great though. His Back to the Future score is absolutely wonderful.
Joss worked on Serendipity? What?
Serendipity is one of the worst films ever made!Surely Joss had no part in it!
He didn't, Bix is joking. When Serenity came out, some of the press accidently called it Serendipity.
We should probably also clarify that Joss had no hand in Serena Williams.
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And Forrest Gump.
I'm happy with any news that gives me a chance to bring up the spectacular Back to the Future theme (by Silvestri).
Captain America easily had the best score of all the Marvel movies, so I'm pretty happy about this.
I was mostly confused because tharpdevenport replied to Bix's joke seriously.
Giacchino might be overly busy, but it would have been quite fantastic to add a connection between him and Jossir... He has quite quickly become one of my all time favorite composers. Hopefully they can work together sometime in the future.

But I'm sure I'll be happy with this guy, has some pretty good credits on his list.
I like Giacchino just fine, but I've never found his work to really transcend everyone else. His biggest asset, is that he's been lucky to work on projects with directors who actually WANT thematic music in the score, which Hollywood directors/studios have been trending away from for a while in my estimation. Often there are are solid scores out there, but they are often mixed down. That said, I do like him as a composer.

As people have pointed out, Alan was involved in producing quite a few quality scores over the years.

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I didn't know; I assumed Bix's was not being funny. There were no indicators, or smilies.
Bummed. Alan Silvestri is OK, probably one of the best among the recent Marvel flicks.

I was actually hoping for Michael Giacchino.

I've liked his work since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Though I think David Newman would have been awesome as well :D
"I talked to Sumner Glou and she said nobody ever mailed her body parts except for one time an arm and then a messenger brought her a thyroid gland but big deal, SERENDIPITY fans happen to be the most tastefullest fans who have extra or redundant body parts." - Joss, 2/16/96, on Warren Ellis' blog/comments.

(And yay! for landing the Serendipity composer - that music is ace.)
This is great news. Forget Serendipity (though I haven't seen it), Silvestri will always and forever be the Back to the Future composer. Wonderful, wonderful score.

Yeah, it's my favorite movie too. So what? ;)
I recently, at another board, tried thinking of when the last time was I enjoyed a Silvestri score, and seperately, when the last time was I loved one. As I recall, "enjoy" fell about nine years ago, and "loved" fell 12 years ago. You can all cite "Back to the Future", but he hasn't done anything like that and of comparatable memorability in a long, long, long time (ago).
Didn't Joss fire the first composer on Serenity the movie? Or am I misremembering?
Yeah, Captain definitely had the most memorable score. I'm happy this is sorted now, too. It's nice he's already been thrown into the Marvel world. Giacchino is sublime, and probably my favourite constant working TV/film composer but him doing The Avengers would have seemed a bit off, I think.

Whatever. Squee. And such.
janef: in fact the composer of Serenity and the almost-composer of Serenity are the two other composers mentioned up top in the post here.

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Quite happy with Silvestri. His Captain America score is certainly the best of the 'Avengers universe' thus far.
Serendipity is also a delicious restaurant on Manhattan's upper east side. It made an appearance in the movie, I think.
Ugh, what a horribly boring choice. There goes my hype.

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