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November 04 2011

(SPOILER) TFAW interviews Andrew Chambliss on Buffy Season 9 and Dollhouse: Epitaphs. There are spoilers along the way about the previous Buffy and Dollhouse books, but there's also a brief mention about the way Severin's powers work. Also some teases about stuff to come in the Buffy book, as well as some ideas for potential future Dollhouse books.

Good interview.The Buffy and Willow stuff was especially interesting.

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Well, it sounds very much like Willow will be going off and doing her own thing (presumably in her own 5-issue miniseries) for a bit.
I wonder if Severin can somehow give magic if he can take it away. Also wonder if he can impact other beings besides vamps.
Buffyís also going to realize that thereís a new kind of vampire thatís being sired because the seed was destroyed. This is going to lead to an interesting relationship with the SFPD, once Buffy figures out a way to no longer be a fugitive...

Oh snap. Buffy's joining the cops!
"Even now that Iím caught up, I still re-read Season 8 and Iím always re-watching the TV seriesĖjust to keep myself in that world and keep the charactersí voices fresh in my head."

He had me at Dominic/Adelle storyline... which means the world needs more Dollhouse comics.

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