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November 04 2011

Emma Caulfield talks about her new webcomic 'Ripped'. It's about Jack The Ripper and you can read it here.

In looking at the character sketches, "Teddy" almost looks like a young ASH to me (not as much in the actual comic). Also, I could see Simon Helberg as William.
I love Emma. Such charm and comedic timing. I wish she were one of Joss's current entourage. I think she'd be exceptional in Much Ado.
I don't think that being one of Joss's regulars alone, would make someone worthy of being cast in one of his productions. Joss has always excelled in casting and seems to be well aware in general of his actor's abilities and limitations - with the occasional exception that proves the rule. I figure he know what he's doing. There's all those other casting factors that need to be taken into consideration too after all: cast chemistry, availability, actor interest, specific parts, his vision of the the play, and acting ability. I'm sure all of that was taken into consideration as well.

I don't know why, not being even remotely an actor myself (I got a mercy 'D' in speech class in high school.), but preforming Shakespeare seems to be somewhat hard. Not everyone can do it and have it seem natural and real. Keanu Reeves was a prime example of that, IMO. I'm not saying that Emma couldn't do MAAN (how would I know?), but just because an actor can do some things really well, doesn't mean they could do all things.


I think I probably missed it, but does it say who is doing the drawing for 'Ripper' anywhere on that site? *looks* Nope, it doesn't. But it does in the interview. Okay, well they obviously has some drawing skill, but I'm not sure they really understand how to visually tell a story in comics. There are some really obvious missed opportunities there; the most glaring one being in the introduction of the characters. The only character who has any symbolic... "accoutrements" is Callum. You instantly get a snapshot of who he is. The other three are forgettable and not very intriguing in contrast. Which, since this is the introduction of all the suspects, is pretty bad.
Squishy: I have to agree with BreathesStory. the only creaotrs with actual "entourages" are those with one or more running TV series; I grew up with Sheldon Leonard, Jack Webb, Lucille Ball, Norman Lear, as examples. A guy doing an ocassional movie and "webduction" might hire people he's worked with before but he can't work with all that many of them at once. I can imagine Emma or Mercedes or Clare surfacing in the odd future project.

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