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November 04 2011

Enver Gjokaj was in last night's episode of Persons of Interest. Somebody give this guy his own show, already.

How about he take the place of Jim C? That guy's a black hole of personality.
I was thrilled to see both Enver Gjokaj and Enrico Colantoni (Veronica Mar's Dad) in last night's Person of Interest. And even more excited that they both lived to appear again in future episodes (I hope).
Is Persons of Interest any good?
It's not anything special, Simon. A comfortable procedural. I gave up on it after 4 episodes.
Persons of Interest is from Jonathan Nolan, screenwriter of "Memento", "The Dark Knight" and "The Dark Knight Rises".

The show is, when you boil it all down, Batman but without the mask and cape.

Caviezel is basically a Batman character, living outside the law, beating out vigilante justice, mysterious and secretive. He wears a suit, it just isn't made of armor.

Emerson is basically a combination of Alfred and Bruce Wayne together. Wealthy, influential, providing both assistance and purpose to their mission to save people. He runs the "Bat Cave" so to speak.

That's how I see it anyway, and it's the only new show I find to be worth watching. This coming from someone who has been burned out on procedural shows and avoids them. There's really only one standard "procedural" aspect to it that comes in the form of police detectives trying to track Caviezel down while he stays two steps ahead while actually helping them out with the bad guys.
I see it as 'Leverage' with more edge and no humor (I love 'Leverage' and I'm enjoying 'Person of Interest').
I sort of think Caviezel's character is supposed to be a bit of a shell, and I kind of think it's slowly breaking down over time. I haven't watched the last two episodes yet, but the last one I saw, I felt we got a little bit of a glimpse into him changing in just the slightest bit.

Michael Emerson very much makes the show for me. And I do think both of their pasts are going to make for a pretty interesting sub plot, especially Emerson's...

Anyway, can't wait to catch up to get to see Enver Gjokaj and Enrico Colantoni!!!
I agree, embers. I'm really missing the humor part. Both Mr. Reese and Mr. Finch are such closed-off characters that they sometimes come across as having no personality, but I'm hopeful that will change soon.
I'd say that the show is good (and I'm not often a fan of procedurals), but not meant for everyone.

Emerson plays a private person who also feels that he must atone for earlier actions, but the story most often focuses on Caviezel, who gives a very spare performance. "Closed-off" is a great descriptor. I think it clear that his character has a lot going on in his head, but he exemplifies the "strong, silent" type who does not show it. Such is not usually my preference, but imo Caviezel pulls it off well, and the show serves as a palate cleanser for me.

Many (on other sites) have remarked that there is little in the way of humor or romance, conversations are short, and no one really discusses their feelings, but I believe that this by design. It is my supposition that PoI is meant to appeal to some stereotypically male sensibilities, which are rarely ever seen these days in primetime. I'm very hopeful that the program won't change much. I can certainly live without it, but again, I do think that it truly gives the audience something different, and I do appreciate that.
Some people call it "Closed-off". I call it being subtle. Imo if you like shows/characters that have more to them than what first meets the eye you'll probably like this one.

And yeah - plainclothes live-action Batman is awesome!

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I like Person of Interest too. The wit and visual style of it really is enjoyable. Maybe not flamboyant enough for some?

The comic book nature of much of the structure doesn't bother me, I'm intrigued to see where these characters go from here.

I hope this is a more character driven procedural than some others. The main characters aren't ciphers, for all that they seem to fit neatly into character types in one way or another.

I like the blink and you'll miss it moments of character exploration. Fast forward through this and you'll likely not notice.

Something about it seems kind of quiet and thought provoking, I like that too.
There are only 3 new series that I really like, Person of Interest is one of them, Revenge & Unforgettable the others. It would bother me if they went away, but also watch Hart of Dixie & The Secret Circle. I was surprised to see Enver Gjokaj and Enrico Colantoni and very glad they made it thru the ep, I really want them back. Been a fan of both since VM & Dollhouse.

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