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November 05 2011

(SPOILER) Interview with Morena Baccarin. A nice interview with Morena about her new show Homeland. Includes spoilers for that show.

Somehow, I didn't even know Morena was in this show until I saw the first episode. She is positively AWESOME in it.
One of my fav new shows.
This is a great show and I have never seen Morena show off her acting skills better than this.

I honestly think she deserves an Emmy nom for her role. A couple of the scenes she is in are incredibly disturbing and while I'm not a huge advocate of sex scenes on TV, hers have been perhaps the most artistically justifiable I've ever seen. The most recent one was maybe the most emotionally naked (no pun intended) that I've Ever seen.

In fact, I think she deserves a Best Supporting Actress nomination while both Claire Danes and Damien Lewis deserve Best Actress and Best Actor noms as well.

And I'm sure Howard Gordon deserves some kind of nom as well. Just a great, great show.
Morena's been doing great however her character is really hard for me to like. That said, I'm glad she's on because it's a good showcase for her.

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