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November 05 2011

Seven great unsung origin episodes. Two Whedonverse episodes make the list.

I'm looking at, "Fool of Love". Gosh, what a meaningful piece of work. Well done!
Correct me if I'm wrong but I think Belonging aired AFTER Dollhouse was canceled. I remembered being amazed by the episode which caused further frustration with FOX (alliteration!). I thought, if only they had seen this episode and gotten a taste of just how great this season is going to be! Maybe I was appalled that it could be canceled after such an amazing episode.*shrugs* I digress.

Both of these are great. I also love "Lies My Parents Told Me."

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My top Whedonverse picks would propably be "Out of Gas" and "Selfless". But perhaps the former is to "sung" to be on this list.
Cookies, it hadn't been cancelled yet, but it had just been pulled from the schedule until December. And you're right, it was very frustrating because Belonging was the best episode yet at that point, and a perfect example of everything that was great about the show.
Out of Gas is mentioned in the comments but I like the author's reply that it is more of a "crew coming together" episode although it could be considered an origin story for the ship itself.
And if any ship deserves her own origin story, Serenity does.
FFL is one of my favorite BtVS epis and it highlighs why, imo, 5 is the best season. Even an important character-centric arc like this one serves to further Buffy's own personal story along.
Did "Selfless" not make this particular cut because there's singing in it?

That said, solid choices.
Another good time to tell the story of how I avoided BtVS for a long time out of knee-jerk reflex because everyone seemed to be into it. One day I saw "Beer Bad", and enjoyed it without feeling insulted, but it still didn't suck me in. Then one day I saw "Fool For Love", and that's the episode that made me decide to watch the whole series starting from the beginning.

So, awesome? Isn't a strong enough word.
Belonging is my favorite Dollhouse episode.
"that a mere stunt vampire nearly guts her with her own stake"

Great line.

It's always amazed me that Fool for Love didn't win an emmy. So brilliant: structurally, visually, acting, direction, everything. It's better than most movies.
'Fool for Love' was how I convinced my roommate to watch all of Joss' shows. It is a perfect show to reel in new viewers. : )
Perfect reason to watch FFL again.
Two great choices for the Whedonverse (I mean, FFL is one of those all-time greats), but I've gotta tell you, I loved seeing Homicide make that list. That ep (and this could be said for much of the series) was amazing and brutal, and as the writer noted, greatly overshadowed by The Wire.

Yeah, "Out of Gas" is super amazing as well, but hard to fault the choices.
Belonging was really great. I have no love for FFL though, can't necessarily explain why, I guess I just didn't think it was actually that insightful...maybe I just don't like cheesy flashbacks to the past though.
Glad to see Buffy and TWW on there. I truly believe that few TV writers do flashback episodes (and, well, origin stories require flashbacks) better than Whedon and Sorkin.

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