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November 06 2011

Ten years ago today - 'Once More, With Feeling' premiered. To mark the occasion, here's a UPN trailer for the Buffy musical.

Btw if anyone's interested, here's a "what-if" piece of trivia.

Happy anniversary!! If my heart could beat, it would break my chest.
Didn't they air the behind the scenes docu after the episode?

Everytime I watch the episode I watch the BTS afterwards on my DVD. Its like a must.

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The Cd of this episode still gets played regularly in my home. I'm grateful that the cast all agreed to do it.
The chord sequence at the end of that promo was different! I want it! ...Okay, it's possible I've got the melodic structure memorized.

OMWF is probably my most-watched episode ever. One of my first episodes ever, too, which left me patchily spoiled for almost everything... The day I got my Chosen Collection I popped that DVD into the drive, and had my computer die on me; I was unable to get the disc out before I hauled it off for repairs. Getting it back was a top priority, and my instructions to the Mac repair crew reflected that...

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oh yeah I'm going to watch that tonight then. The Boyfriend will just have to deal with it! (He might be a musical fan, but he's an even strong not-liker of BtVS, yes I love him in spite of it)
Here's to the best episode of TV ever filmed.
I might need to re-watch this now. It's been a while. I have such an incredibly visceral response to it that I tend to "save it." I was sooo in love with it when it came out. I taped it and I remember re-watching the whole episode about three times in a row back-to-back. I also remember having a total "WTF?! Did I just really see that?!" moment there at the end with the kiss.

November 2001 was a hard time for me and the musical was such an incredibly bright spot in my life. As was Tabula Rasa. I actually have a whole sentimental attachment thing for S6, which I know is unusual. I really did live that time period from Buffy episode to Buffy episode. Everything else in my life was so stressful that it was great to be with the gang and their problems and wonder throughout the week what was going to happen next.


I wonder where Andy Hallet could have fit into the musical...

Did I miss the Whedonesqued blog roll out? That is a really cool archive. The pictures are very pretty. Congrats to all the mods and a big thanks for all you hard work that goes into making all these associated sites what they are: one of the greatest corners on the web.
As much as I would have enjoyed a Lorne/Gunn participation I can't even imagine how you could make that work in the story. Unless you just made the musical two hours long and showed the Angel side of it. But it was just Sunnydale so how would that work?
I would hazard a guess it would have been Lorne appearing in a crowd scene or something like that.
I love "Once More With Feeling" so much. Joss Whedon is a genius, there is so much musical talent in the cast (especially Amber Benson and Anthony Head)... It's just amazing.
Well, I know what I'm doing tonight. Episode order be damned!
My goodness, has it been 10 years? I can still recall the excitement as the titles rolled in wide-screen and I realized this episode was to be extra special. What an understatement!

I wouldn't mix oranges with apples, Andy wasn't a part of Buffy's world or story.
It does and then doesn't feel like 10yrs. Such an amazing piece of TV history. I remember being all a jitter when it aired.

I'm with YouDriveLikeASpaz on episode order.I feel the need to watch it tonight.
Don't have the episode handy, but the soundtrack never really leaves my playlists for long, so I'll be listening to that tonight.
Ten years? Wow. Where do we go from here...?
I remember fans burning the songs onto CD so they could listen to the music. It took ages for the soundtrack to get officially released from what I recall.

Oh and the musical got performed on stage on Friday by some high school kids in Canada.

And I love to watch when it comes on telly so I can work out which bits got cut so it could be fitted into the one hour timeslot. Sky One, to give them credit, let the musical run for its full length when they first showed it. I think BBC 2 might have done the same.
They did indeed. For which I am muchly grateful to this day.
That's so neat! My little brother plays the CD regularly on my iPod, so I hear it almost daily. lmfao.
I didn't see the full version until I got the dvd's, so the longer versions of certain songs were a revelation.

Everything after Anya's rock freakout in "I've Got A Theory" was cut out, for instance. As was Xander's confession at the end. As brilliant as the music still was, the episode was somewhat more confusing due to the cuts.

I too had recorded the episode and burned it to a disc to listen to on repeat. I used to be able to recite the entire episode word for word, just because I kept playing that cd. Ah, good times when I was a kid and had nothing better to do.
I keep hoping they'll re-release the soundtrack and include Anya's song from Selfless.
I think it's possible the singing folks from "Angel" *might* have made an appearance, but this was right after "Buffy's" divorce from the WB. I don't think contractually that could have been worked out at the time - it took two years, until the series finale, to get David Boreanaz as Angel back on "Buffy" and Angel had at least been on "Buffy." But sure, you could have had Lorne and Gunn on a road trip (for those who don't know, J. August Richards has a beautiful singing voice - check out his vids on YouTube), driving along the street, singing. Why not? We had David Fury singing about his dry cleaning and Marti Noxon singing about parking tickets :)
Well, I managed to fritter away a good long stretch of my afternoon watching the old UPN/WB promos. I only joined the TV airing of the show halfway through Season Six, after a well-timed Thanksgiving marathon on FX while I was away from grad school, which exposed me to some of the show's greatest hits from S1-5 and drove me to for spoilers, ALAS. So most of the promos were new to me.

I was surprised at how much the UPN ads focused on the show's comedic side, even through the first half of Season Seven. They made Season Six look like a laugh riot, excepting of course (say) the melodramatic Seeing Red advert...

I really wish I'd been a fan of this show in its early days. Amazing to love a story that actually got better and better, almost monotonically, through seven years of episodes.
I can still remember being hesitant when I first heard about the coming musical episode. Buffy was already my favorite show ever, and I was pretty close to trusting Joss with my life. Still, I was a little worried. I didn't want the memory of this great work of art tainted by a failed experiment.

Then I saw the promos. And I thought, "Huh. I really should find that online and watch it again. And again. Okay, just one more time." ;) And then I absolutely could. Not. Wait. For the episode. It still blew me away. Stunned that anyone could have that much talent. I watched it three more times in the week before the next episode, something I'd only done twice before (Restless, The Body).

Not trying to rub it in at all, waxbanks, but watching the show as it aired was pretty damn fun. I anticipated Buffy like I can't imagine anticipating anything ever again. Granted, I was probably at a more idealistic age back then. Ah, the good ole days.

Wait, how old am I? ;)
BuffyQuotes101's tweet-up this evening was a bit of awesome. Checkout hashtag #OMWF10 on Twitter to share the joy.
I remember the day I finally received the soundtrack, I rushed home and dialed up "Where do we go from here" and cranked it. I've a pretty serious system so it attracted some attention to say the least. Still recall the cop at the door doing the roll with his fingers to "Turn it down!". What?!

Ten years already? Joss, we need another musical, like, right now?
It was ten years ago today
Writer Whedon taught his cast to play
They were going in (and into) style
Always guaranteed to raise a smile...
Ten years? Wow...
I *love* OMWF - the perfect epsiode for a Buffy&musical fan :D
I think an anniversary screening is in order tonight!
Some very nice person bought me the soundtrack for christmas. I love a lot of the songs. Also, is this one young fan or what?
I remember when I finally heard all the words to the Parking Meter Song. It makes me laugh to this day.
Caroline, on the other hand, has set up this new brand new Whedonesque blog.

Simon | November 07, 15:12 CET

Ah, thank you. There's a poster for OMWF that I haven't seen before (with Anya, Spike, Tara and Dawn)

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