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November 07 2011

(SPOILER) Phil Noto's cover art for Buffy Season 9 #6. He's taking over cover duties for the series. There's an interesting synposis for the issue as well.

If you recall, a lot of us were wowed with Phil's Buffyverse portraits back in August.

Personal problem leading to Robin Wood.... sure hope this 'spoiler' synopsis is a misdirect!
Yes I've seen a fair bit of speculative chatter about Buffy being pregnant. Either it's smoke and mirrors or it's "the Death of Spider-Man" (i.e. it's exactly what it says it is).
I could see her thinking she's pregnant, considering where she is with her life and stuff right now. If it's true, hm, we'll see. (Controversy!)
I love this Noto chocolateria cover.
Great cover and very exciting synopsis.
I won't read the synopsis but it's a very nice work. Just remind of a Nirvana's song, "Buffy's Pregnant".
Who's the blond with Spike?
-- Ready, Randy?
-- Ready, Joan.
Nice cover. Simon, did you start a whole new Whedon blog? I'm always the last to know.
Now it's "a rather personal problem"? Oh dear, between that and going to Robin, the pregnancy speculation might be on to something.
Yes,I think she's pregnant too.
What's a Zompire?
A vampire that got bit by a zombie?
Nice cover. Simon, did you start a whole new Whedon blog? I'm always the last to know.

Different Simon, nothing to do with me. Caroline, on the other hand, has set up this new brand new Whedonesque blog.
I can see the story line going to all of the Scoobies confronting normal life: Willow without magic, Buffy with a baby, Dawn and Xander quibbling their life away. Only Angel is left over, and we know we have a Slayer with Faith.

When did Jo Chen leave the series?? HOW did I miss that? :(
Love the cover but the synopsis...oh dear. What else could she be seeing Wood about? His other qualifications are in the school administration department and I don't see what's personal about that. Well. It might be fun. I hope. Buffy and diapers. Spike babysitting. Willow teaching it how to code iOS apps. And maybe the mystery father is a demon. Demon Spawn!

Oh, I know! the baby is, somehow, the new Seed or it could be if something horrible is done to it.
My new thunk is that she's having a long haul pregnancy that's the result of her space frak with Angel, not the drunken activities to be named.

Poor Buffy....

Maybe, since the SFPD will be better with her, Severin is destroying the vampires, and Spike is the new "Big Bad," Buffy is looking to get back into high school counseling. She may have HAD to contact Wood to ask him to be a reference.

Well, Jo didn't really leave, she just isn't doing regular covers anymore. According to letter section from BtVS:S9 #1 she'll still do ocasional covers.

So Phil Noto will be taking over the covers from Steve Morris? Wonder if Morris will still be doing the covers for Angel & Faith.
From what I understand,Steve Morris is the regular cover artist for Angel & Faith.
When did Jo Chen leave the series?? HOW did I miss that? :(

For once, Willowy and I agree. And who knocked up the Buffister?! People really should consult me on these matters, I could set them straight.

Heh, heh! Good post, Simon!


Siiiiiiigh. Joss, you'd goddamn well better know what you're doing here!!
@Numfar PTB: Buffyfantic is correct about Steve Morris being the permanent main cover artist for A&F. He said as much in a recent SlayAlive interview I did with him. As for the Buffy book, the current plan (as revealed by Scott Allie in his Q&A with SlayAlive for A&F #2) is that there'll be a new artist for every 5 issues. So Morris did the first five, next is Noto. Since there'll be 25 books total, should things go as planned, there should be a total of 5 artists doing covers for the entire run of the Buffy book, not counting the minis, of course.

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I'll be honest, I find some amusement in the different things people will come up with to explain their way around the almost anvilicious teases that Buffy's gotten pregnant. Reference letters from Wood, etc. There's only one thing in the entire world he's uniquely qualified to talk to her about, just like Spike was the one uniquely qualified to talk about fights that Slayers lost.
Does anyone think that something leading Buffy to Wood might mean a bit of a crossover? Being the son of a Slayer wasn't his only impact on the characters. Buffy's real question might be more along the lines of "What's going on with Faith?"
@KingofCretins I always struggle to get tone across online. My "Buffy needs a refernece" theory was said in jest.

@kairos, along with my other more silly thoughts, I did wonder if Wood will lead back to Faith and Angel somehow, but maybe in mention only.
I'm not sure how to feel about this... the covers so far have been beautiful. I really enjoyed Noto's portraits, but am NOT a fan of this cover.
yeah i don't really like this cover either.
All that bleach isn't good for the baby :)
Guess I missed that interview, thanks for brief recap Wenxina.

Excited to learn about rotating cover artistic by arc on Buffy. Hope it gives Paul Lee to be included in the rotating teams. Better yet, really looking forward for Noto's covers for remaining of the arc.

Wonder if each one of them will also be in charge of the cover of respective tpb volume.
Love this cover!
and Jo Chen's facebook fan page says she's been working on some Buffy season 9 covers, so it seems we have something to look forward to in that department too.
Well... one way Chen can do Buffy covers without having to commit a large chunk of time to it would be for her to do the TPB covers. Call it a hunch... we'll find out soon enough.
Must watch DVDs of the show I loved for 7 seasons again and avoid this whacked-out fanfic if it turns out to be barrista Buffy pregnant from her spacefraking with Angel/Twilight or from her drunken sexfest.
Wenxina is right. I will still be producing some of the TBP and special edition HC covers. Although, I'm flattered to read that a few of you will miss my regular covers, I do hope that you will enjoy other artists' takes on these characters; I always do.
I think more than "a few" miss your covers -- you do not give yourself nearly enough credit. Even the most polarized opinions and heated debates over the content of the "Buffy" continuations are borne into silent, singular agreement about the vivid and affecting art you provided to the entire experience.

Saying this in no way diminishes the art we're getting on covers from Steve Morris or Georges or anyone else -- just that yours has thus far been the only contribution about which there is almost total agreement. It's that good.

[ edited by KingofCretins on 2011-11-08 02:51 ]
Thanks for confirming my completely baseless hunch, Jo.
I'm thinking of making a stop at Austin Comic Con this weekend, so perhaps I'll run into you then.
Jo, I love your covers. Looking forward to your work on the TPB

I also love Noto's cover. I like the idea of different artists doing the different arcs.

I am rather disturbed at the idea of Buffy getting pregant from an encounter she doesn't remember because she was drunk. If indeed she is pregnant, I would prefer it to have happened from a sexual encounter with someone she liked we haven't met yet, even if it was just a one-night stand.

However, I hope that it's some kind of mystical thing that involves the fairy and the return of magick.
@Reddygirl - I, too, hope the story goes in that direction. For example, fairy's eggs change human hormonal balance enough to give positive result on the pregnancy test strip. A couple of issues Buffy thinks she is pregnant. Cue angst. Then she find out that the fairy has chosen her as host and protector of her eggs.
I have no interest in a "return of magick" when we're not even our 4th issue into the world without it. Let the story stretch its legs a bit, please.
About the only way I'd have any interest in "pregnant Buffy" would be if it turns out she's Melaka Fray's exponentially-great-grandmother.
Well, SMG did come from the soaps, so maybe this is an 'homage'. Next season she can get amnesia!
I think it's a really fun and beautiful cover. I look forward to more work and covers from Mr. Noto.

In regards to the pregnancy thing, well, it's probably going to be a crazy ride from here on out.

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