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November 07 2011

8 great (new) female positive ongoing comic books you should be reading. Comic Book Resources' She Has No Head! column recommends Angel & Faith and Buffy Season 9 in their list of ongoing books with good female portrayals.

Contemporary Buffy and Kitty Pride on the same list. I think is great.
Hmm. I go through the stacks of the new every time I go into pick up my pull and I really don't remember seeing some of these. Maybe I'll have to special request them. In fact, it's a pretty sad and frustrating experience for me to go through that big long wall of current issues. There's a couple hundred there I reckon, and there's almost always something that is a big turn off: the art (this is usually the biggest turn off), the women, the subject, and the often over-the-top graphic tone. I have this fantasy where I get to go through The Wall of New with the guys from the publishing companies and explain what is wrong with every pamphlet up there as if they really want to know how to attract female readers to the books they already have.

That said, I might try Rachel Rising. I just got Terry Moore's Echo: The Complete Edition and I'm liking it so far. I might also look into Isacc's mini series just because her art is so good for A&F. The description of Wolverine and the X-Men was actually interesting enough that maybe I'll give it and The X-Men another try after 20+ years.

I keep wondering why the comic publishers aren't actively trying to build up a romance comic market. I don't think they could sell them as pamphlets, but it is the biggest selling category of fiction books and it covers a wide range of story types. I think if they were manga-ish sized with great covers and character art that appealed to women they'd sell. They all keep talking about their shrinking market and the puzzle of how to bring in more women to up sales, but they don't seem to be trying the obvious. Seems silly to me.

There was this one seven year period from 1949 to 1955 where romance comics were 25% of the total comic sales. And just how big was that 25%? A BILLION COPIES. They sold a billion copies of comics to (presumably) females. Women, as a group demographic, like romance. I also figure that if a romance comic market could be established, it would help mainstream comics and therefore break open the markets for all other types of stories in comics.
BreathesStory, check out Batwoman: Elegy. In hardback if you can get it. The praise they heap on it is well-earned. It's visually stunning and the story will not let you go. A truly great comic.
Eh, Willowy thanks for the recommendation. I haven't been interested in superheros for a while now or ever I've never been a DC person either, but I always get good stuff from people here so I'll give it a whirl and add it to my sooner rather than later list. I know nothing of Batwoman, but I looked it up after you suggested it and what I read about the art work definitely has me intrigued. And hey, lucky me! It turns out my library has copies. : )
Sweet! Well I hope you get to read the hardcover. I've always been a Marvel girl myself, except for Superman, and I tend to favor independent companies more, but this one Blew. Me. Away. The story is as good as any drama I've ever seen, and the art - the art - is absolutely magnificent. Enjoy!

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