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November 07 2011

(SPOILER) Angel & Faith #7 covers and solicitation. Brought to you by Buffyfest. MAJOR spoilers about a character that will feature prominently in the "Daddy Issues" arc. Really, it's right there on one of the covers.

heh, yeah...I tried to bury the actual name of the character a few sentences in, so the shortened verbiage wouldn't spoil via 140 characters on Twitter. But if anyone has a major aversion to spoilerage, I wouldn't look at Buffyfest at all today!

Thanks, Xi :)
An interesting point I notice on the Morris Cover.Is that a double silhouette of Angel vamped out and behind that Giles?It looks like it to me.
Excellent pick - Buffyfantic - kudos to you for noticing! Due to glasses' shadow Giles' silhouette looks almost like Steve Jobs' tribute logo. I am very excited about A&F from this point on, even though secretly I hoped for Willow ( or Connor) for this arc.

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Gorgeous! And how exciting. That's definitely a spoiler I'm glad for.
Very cool! Looking forward to getting past the Mohrah blood storyline.
Btw, peeps, Steve Morris told me that the version that will go to print will be slightly altered; he refers to the old version of Angel as "fug face", so he touched it up a little bit.
The new and improved cover can be found HERE.
Drusilla! Yay!

Hey, anybody wanna fill me in on what happened with Dru over at IDW? I never did read that. Now I'm curious about what storyline she had.
Excited, considering that Dru killed Kendra that many years ago, been hoping for her to share some screen time of her with Faith in a long while. Definitely overdue.
Yes, we also updated the correct art on Buffyfest via Steve Morris. Although I thought the original draft was fab too!

And great catch on that Giles shadow Buffyfantic! Cannot wait for this issue even more after seeing that.
I'm looking forward to Angel dealing with Drusilla, I think it would be good character development for him.

I'm excited to learn more about Faith and her past, so I'm looking forward to this issue and story arc.

The covers are lovely too.

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