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November 07 2011

Much Ado about Sean Maher. He chats to EDGE on the Net about Joss' Shakespeare movie and the cancellation of The Playboy Club.

Was really looking forward to his character's story in the Playboy Club, now I guess we'll never know how he and Bunny Alice get outed...
I think NBC really messed up with how they advertised the Playboy Club. I too am bummed out about not getting to see how Sean Maher's story line was going to play out, it was certainly intriguing.
I'm sorry, I have to wonder about this line "publicly coming out as a gay man for the first time"

Is it possible to come out a second or third time? Isn't it one and done?
The Playboy Club's ratings were bad, but it's not like it was alone in that. Speaking based on the demos, Harry's Law was doing worse and Prime Suspect almost as badly (and now as badly). PS repeats performed worse in that slot, and now Rock Center is doing worse as well. Arguments can be made as to why pulling it was a good move, but the bottom line is that it really wasn't fair to TPC. Nothing in life is, but it still sucks imo.
@Risch22 Coming out is pretty much an ongoing process, because most people will assume you're straight until told otherwise. So yeah, LGBTQetc. people do come out two, three, hundreds of time. It doesn't matter you've come out 'publicly' - there's always someone who missed it or forgot about it or whatever.

I'm also really disappointed that we won't see Sean's storyline develop in TPB. That was really the most compelling aspect of the show to me. :/

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