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November 07 2011

A Hallowhedon 3 convention report. Charisma Carpenter, Tony Head, Phina Oruche, Amber Benson and Adam Busch were at the UK con and there's some good tidbits to be had from the Q&As. And if you're interested you can buy artprints from the event at under the floorboards.

I used to be jealous of attendees to this one, but sounds like this was not ideal at all, especially if you thought you were going to spend quality time with the guests.

"I've seen what seven years of your own show can do to someone" however it had not seemed to affected the boys. Oh, dear. That's really not honesty I want to hear about. Nice transcripts of the Q&A's, though.
Funny enough Tonya this was not typical of most of the Cons I attend here in the UK. Usually the meet and greets are great fun, this one wasn't.
I'm really sorry you all were let down. But it does seem as if everyone made the best of it they could. I'd love to attend a Whedon gathering in the U.K. but it's really taking a chance on the organizers (look at B3) and I'd be coming from out of the country. I'm going to keep my eyes open though about the possibilities. And may I say I LOVE that poster by under the floorboards!
There's only two main organizers in the UK for whedonverse conventions at the moment and the other one, Starfury runs great events. But like you say it's a long way to come.
I've got to say, I didn't book tickets this year's Hallowhedon after attending the two previous cons. Late updates/guest announcements and some pretty shocking mistakes with organisation made me a bit embarrassed for the guests. Going to try Starfury in future.

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