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November 07 2011

Starz renews Spartacus for a third season. Steven S. DeKnight's series is picked up for Season 3 before Season 2 even debuts.

Still one of my favourite shows on TV right now.
Yay! While I'm still so sad about the loss of Andy Whitfield, the show had such a great cast I look forward to seeing their return - especially Lucy Lawless. Is it January yet?
Am I the only one who thinks this is the worst show in the history of TV? I'm glad that Steven and Jed and Maurissa all have steady paychecks from it, but I find it an embarrassment. It just degenerates into arbitrary nudity (contrast Morena Baccarin's sex scenes in HOMELAND, which are genuinely intense - though admittedly except for the first one, which was meant to contrast with the two later sex scenes, not the tiniest bit sexy - with any sex scene in Spartacus). It is like BLAM! Naked boob! BLAM! Buttocks! BLAM! Two people faking sex! And then the fight scenes are like a parody of fighting. Decapitation! With all the spewing blood swathing over the entire screen leaving nothing else in its wake.

I've yet to hear anyone coherently explain why a single scene in this is any good. I like Lucy Lawless, but I really don't want to see her boobs any longer nor do I want to feel any more embarrassment for her.

A few people have tried to blab about how I don't understand Roman history. My reply is always, I think, a powerful one. Have you read Sallust? No? I have. Have you read Livy? I have, all of him. Tacitus? I've read all of his historical works. Polybius? Again, I have. Julius Caesar? Cicero? I've read both. What about Gibbon? I have and am currently rereading him.

Let me just assert baldly, if you think SPARTACUS will teach you ANYTHING about Roman history or Roman society or even about gladiators, you are on drugs.

Yes. I hate this show. Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. I honestly can't think of a worst show. Ever. Not a one. I'd rather watch SURVIVOR or AMERICAN IDLE rather than this piece of crap.

That said, I do deeply regret what happened to Andy. It is almost surreal to think of someone who was so fit and active and athletic one year was dead less than two years later. Just heartbreaking.
I don't think you're the only one who hates the show Njal, but you get an A for effort for pleading your case so passionately. :)

Personally, I like the personal dynamics of the characters on the series and don't look at it as an attempt to portray that period with historical accuracy. Storylines are exaggerated for dramatic effect, so history purists will definitely be disappointed. The mature content I could also definitely see being a turn off to some viewers. And honestly, even as a fan of the show I have to admit the first few episodes of the series weren't that great...the special effects were cheesy, some of the acting was overly wooden, and the plot dragged a lot until they finally got to the ludus.

But fortunately it turned out to be one of those series that picked up steam over time, and the last six episodes of Blood and Sand were highly entertaining and full of lots of cool plot twists. Andy Whitfield was a great Spartacus, but I would have to say the MVPs of the first season were truly John Hannah and Lucy Lawless as Batiatus and Lucretia. Once their characters took the stage, their machinations (and how they impacted Spartacus) just kept getting more and more interesting.
John Hannah's performance as Batiatus in Blood and Sand was freaking awesome. The first season is worth watching for that alone.
I didn't like the first couple of episodes at all, but I heard it got better, so I gave it a chance and got completely hooked. Great characters, great actors (especially Batiatus/Hannah), great story, and great spectacle. The world they've created may not be the one the ancient Romans lived in, but it works for me, and the over-the-top violence and constant nudity are important to that world. Although, to be honest, I do close my eyes or fast forward through a fair amount of the fighting. Cause I'm squeamish.
This show is the shit. Obviously not for everyone. I adore it and can hardly wait for January. More blood! More boobs! By Jupiter's Cock!
Hasn't it been renewed for a *fourth* season (Season Two is a prequel season, but it's still the second season of "Spartacus" with this production company and cast) before the "third* season airs, rather than for a second before the third airs? Not trying to be nitpicky, just figure out how this is being calculated.
I like this show a lot too. I stopped watching after an episode or three because it didn't grab me. But after watching the prequel (which I think is vastly superior to Blood and Sand), I'm so into these characters, specifically Lucretia. That's what keeps me watching. I don't really care about the nudity... I'd watch if it was there, not there, less there or more there (though, obviously, it provides a tickle). The fights, also, if you ask me, are just there to facilitate the rest. In that way, it's like buffy, where the life is the story, the fights are there to put it all together.
@Shapenew-I just took the info from the article. From what I can gather, they are not considering the prequel season as a "Season". I assume that's how the network is framing it, but perhaps TVline is incorrect.
Actually, Gods of the Arena is considered - and has always been labeled as - a semi-separate miniseries :)
I love this show. The violence and craziness are just a part of the overall appeal of this show.
I also like the Spartacus show, although they are very different to any of Joss Whedon's shows. It's a sort of guilty pleasure for me.

I find the most of the fight scenes and the inter-gladiator dialog dull, but the scenes involving Lucretia, Batiatus and the other Roman citizens are much more entertaining.

I also think the prequel (Gods of the Arena) is much better than the first series (Blood and Sand); the political infighting between the citizens is quite compelling.

Does anyone know what Jed and Maurissa actually do on the show?

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