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November 08 2011

Brian K. Vaughan will adapt Steven King's 'Under The Dome'. The Buffy Season 8 writer is adapting it for Showtime.

Under the Dome is a great concept, but I liked it better the first time, when it was called Girls.
Dispatch beat me too it. I was really turned off by Under the Dome after seeing so many similarities to Girls, even right down to the maps of the city.

I love Brian K. Vaughan like a crazy fangirl, but maybe they should have just hired Joshua Luna to write the adaptation.

Or better yet, Showtime should have put their money into adaptations of Girls and Y: The Last Man and skipped the King adaptation altogether.
Heh, never even heard of Girls before today. Just Googled it and the resemblence seems quite accidental. It's hardly the first time the concept of a giant dome has appeared in fiction (heck, even the Simpsons movie had one ;)) ETA: And here's a list of examples.

As for the maps of the city: I can't even count the number of times I've seen maps in my books (but then, I read a lot of fantasy ;)).

The rest seems quite dissimilar, from reading just the synopsis. ETA: you'll be hard pressed to find naked girls and giant sperm monsters in Under the Dome ;), but you'll apareantly find them in Girls. At least according to wikipedia)

As for this news story: I liked Under the Dome, it was a good read even if the answer given to explain the dome-issue wasn't quite my cup of tea (although the dominant story of intrigue under the dome certainly was) and I love Brian K. Vaughan, so I'm excited.

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This is great news. I personally loved Under the Dome. (This time last year I bought a whole heap of King books and read 'em back-to-back. This and Duma Key are amongst his best, in my opinion.) I was worried when they planned to adapt it, but it sounds like it couldn't be in better hands.
Loved Under the Dome and love Vaughan, so yay for me. And the waiting begins. Ooooh, though King's new book just came out, and I thoroughly enjoyed the preview I read in Entertainment Weekly, so I can read that in the meantime. :)
It will be great to see BKV back in action. It seems like he has been gone forever, even though it hasn't been that long. New comic. New tv show. Good times ahead.
I've read Girls, Under the Dome, and almost everything BKV has written. I have no problem with any similarities between Girls and UTD. Dome is a good yarn, as is Girls, and BKV is of course fantastic. I think the series will kick ass.
God. I miss this man. Like whoa.
Does anyone know when in 2012 Saga is coming out?
Thank goodness it's on Showtime. There is subject matter in that book that would never fly on network TV, so of course, it would be dumbed down, just like The Stand was. Congrats, Brian. Looking forward to it!

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