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November 08 2011

David Boreanaz and Nathan Fillion face off in People's Choice Awards. Vote Captain Tightpants! Or vote for our favourite puppet vampire!

Julie Benz
I want you to win too!! RT “@NathanFillion: Just being nominated is an honor.... I really, REALLY want to win.…”

Julie Benz
I didn't realize @NathanFillion was up against @David_Boreanaz for #PeoplesChoiceAwards I want them both to win! A tie!!!

David Boreanaz
@juliebenz but I Really, Really, REALLY want to win

Castle and Bones are up against each other as well.
NPH is also up along with HIMYM for Comedy. Also a buch of related shows in the "New Drama" category.
David and Nathan are also up against each other in Round Three of the TVLine "Ultimate Law-Enforcement Crushes Bracket Tournament". Voting starts tomorrow, I think.

Oooh - and Twitter war in the making?

[ edited by Znachki on 2011-11-08 23:55 ]
Or we could combine the two and make Captain Angelus. Or Mal the Vampire.
Oh this has my heart breaking. I love Nathan but David is my homeboy. He likes my fav sports teams. What am I to do? Grrr Arrgh..

Ok, I thought about it homeboy for the WIN!
I love my Captain, so I've voted twice for Nathan. And of course I also had the pleasure of voting for NPH.
@Simon, I vote for Captain Angelus in tightpants with a convertible.
hann23, so you're accusing Captain Angelus of killing Mr. Boddy in the tightpants with the convertible?

I think January 11th is a long time wait in order to find out what three cards are actually in the envelope.
I voted for Nathan and Bones. Splitting the difference.
I did the same thing, redeem147! It was a hard choice though. David is so pretty...
Thing is, you don't really have to "choose." It's one of those hit-magnet "vote early and often" polls so you can go around again and again and again. In fact, there's no real start-finish line.

I want to know if voting again in a category before leaving the poll replaces or adds to the original vote.
There's a poll on the TVLine site pitting the both of them against each other right now.

The comment section for it on the site was so pathetic and moronic I think I lost a few brain cells just reading it. Ugh.
I'm kind of confused by the catagories... Royal Pains is listed as a cable comedy (while I thought it was a medical/family drama thing) and Eva Longoria is listed for favorite Drama Actress (while I definitely think that Desperate Housewives is a comedy).
Of course I don't like either show so it is a moot point (it isn't like I'd vote for them).

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