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November 12 2011

TV Club comes to the end of its Buffy journey. It's taken over three years but Noel Murray has now reached 'End of Days' and 'Chosen' and says goodbye to the characters, one at a time.

This makes me nostalgic for the feeling of seeing those episodes for the first time ... what a different world it was in 2003 (for me, at least).
I really enjoyed Murray's reviews. It was pretty great seeing it through the eyes of someone else again for the first time. And he wrote very intelligent, thoughtful reviews which showed much affection for the show and characters. I'll miss his reviews.
There are also some really great comments on the reviews. Some particularly interesting ones on the review of "The Body."
I usually didn't bother reading the review comment section mainly because it was so one-sided. Seemed "Angel" wasn't worth discussing nearly as much despite the general review being of two episodes, one of each series paired together with some exceptions along the way. I remember that was brought up in the comments every once in a while, how Angel was often overlooked.

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