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November 12 2011

Buffy reunion on American Dad. First look at the characters that Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan will be playing on next Sunday's episode.

So I guess we don't know who is voicing the blonde and who is voicing the red head? It'd be neat if it was reversed.
SMG is playing the robot, and my guess is that the robot is the blonde. I could be wrong of course, but that's my hunch.
I've never seen American Dad. Is it as funny as Family Guy?
Well not quite the first look at the blonde character as a picture from the episode has been on a SMG picture site since November 4th
Squishy, it depends on your definition of "funny." According to mine, neither make the cut.
American Dad is a watered-down version of Family Guy, which is a watered-down version of The Simpsons. So no, Squishy.
Eddy, It's funny I thinking the same thing. I thought it'd be cool if SMG played the red-head and Aly played the blonde.
Family Guy, American Dad, and Cleveland are all the same show. None of them work for me, but that's fine.
Haven't watched AD since the first FG, when I decided what b!x said above. But I've heard tell that AD has developed into its own unique, very weird and funny thing, distinct from Family Guy. Still haven't mustered the energy to watch it, though, so maybe it's a bunch of bull.
I love Family Guy. It's been much better than The Simpsons for several years now, due in large part to the fact that The Simpsons has gone way downhill. I never got into American Dad, although I'll certainly watch the SMG/Aly episode. It would be awesome if we got some behind-the-scenes stuff.
I'm a watcher of the current American Dad. I'm disappointed by the lack of love for it here, but it's truly inventive and really funny now. I'm not at all a fan of Family Guy though I understand the appeal of all the non-sequiturs for this 'YouTube generation' thing. AD has a wacky and eccentric cast, but you can tell they're loved by their writers. It's not a Seth MacFarlane show, it's more akin to Bob's Burgers and late nineties The Simpsons. So all that to say I hope this is another good ep and I can't wait to watch.
I remember hearing rumors about Sarah and aly not getting along, so I'm glad To here they are doing an episode together (:
Am I the only one who likes Roger from AD? Oh well.

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