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November 13 2011

Firefly: The Complete Series is's Deal of the Day. The Blu-Ray is $18.99 and DVD is $14.99.

I snagged that deal just now! That's really awesome that it was so cheap for blu-ray! I'm looking forward to it coming in the mail!
When did DrH come out on Blu-Ray? Missed that completely. Seems to only be region 1, so no point grabbing that sadly. Is there not a region 2 version?

Did I read correctly that it's both A/1 and B/2 regioned? With the AUD so strong right now, it would be a great time to grab this

Also looking at the Serenity bluray, it lists no region, does this mean it's regionfree? I'd love to get both at once and save on shipping. Just got a BluRay player to go with my new flat screen. Was intending to buy these anyway so this would be icing on the cake!

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I wonder how many copies of the Firefly DVD have been sold worldwide now. One million? Two? Three?

The Firefly BR is both Region A & B, so you won't have any problems in Australia.

I think that the Serenity BR Amazon sells is Region free, but am not positive.
I concur with Risch22. The US version of Firefly on Blu-ray is region A and B.

The US version of Serenity, like most Universal US releases, is region-free.

You can find information like this on a great site here:
Fudgecicles! Bought this two days ago from Amazon UK for the equivalent of ~$32 USD/AUD 'cause the Amazon US one was at $62 USD plus shipping!

You win this round, people buying it today.
So why is DrH not region free?
Ohh, I know what I am getting a ton of people for christmas!
The above site says Dr. Horrible is region-free, Ivalaine.
Got home too late from work and missed it. Oh well... I don't tend to watch that many movies again anyway. Another time perhaps now the issue of regions has been sorted.
Yup, I can confirm (being Region A/2) that both Dr. Horrible, Firefly and Serenity are all region free on BD.

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