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November 13 2011

Alyson Hannigan's "Lily Aldrin" in the final for E!Online's Ultimate TV Character Crush. She faces Glee's "Santana Lopez."

Sixty four characters entered. Two remain.

It's a close race. Get out and vote!
Yes do so!!! Vote everyone. Santana is gonna be tough to beat.
They're tied! Come on everybody.
Oof, that'll be a hard fanbase to beat. But I do love me some Lily.
I'd pick Willow over Santana. I might even pick Aly's American Pie character over Santana. But I'm not a fan of HIMYM, and I think Santana's the best character on Glee. Accordingly, out of respect and love for Aly, I abstain.

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She won!!!!!!!!!!! (and the Santana fans claim cheating was involved)
I voted for Santana, but glad for all the HIMYM fans who voted! My love for Santana is just... very large. haha.

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