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November 14 2011

Trailer for 'The Iron Lady' featuring Tony Head. The Thatcher biopic will be out in the UK on January 6th.

Yeah, but thanks for posting this. I just cannot wait to see ASH on the big screen with Meryl Streep in the same scene.

I adore Streep and try to see everything she is in, good or bad, cause I enjoy them all. She just becomes her character, and I forget she's there.

And to think ASH will be there too! Yeah.
I had no idea Anthony Stewart Head was in this. I will definitely be seeing it now.
He's playing Howe. I would have him as Heseltine but I am forward to seeing him in the movie.

ETA: A glitch free version is now online so I've changed the link.
Always nice to see Giles play the traitor.

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