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November 15 2011

Alexis Denisof on Last Night's "How I Met Your Mother". Alexis returns as Sandy Rivers.

This is actually the second episode he's been in this season.

It is always a huge treat when the smarmy Sandy Rivers shows up on HIMYM!
Was very excited to see this new season had started a couple of weeks ago here in the UK and I was able to catch up with the opening episodes on 4OD.

This season had better end at the wedding, revealing the bride and Mother. This series is getting worse than Lost, with all its unanswered questions! Look forward to seeing Sandy Rivers back.
I love Alexis in this part. So wonderfully smarmy and hilarious. Was so happy to see him pop up again last night.
I'm so glad that they using Alexis more nowadays. I always found it strange that he didn't pop up in years considering he's married to Alyson.
I find it strange he's been largely absent from TV for many years. He's just too good to not be prolific. Cannot WAIT for Much Ado!
Vandelay, is that actually hindering your enjoyment? I have zero attachment to a hypothetical mother but I love Ted, Robin, Barney, Marshall and Lily very much. We'll see Lily delivering the baby in the finale according to the flashforwards/timeline. The wedding will likely be the following season assuming Jason Segal and NPH want out of their contracts and the show ends... CBS will likely want it to continue, it's having a very strongly rated season so I could theoretically see it going on and CBS paying them even more, but it's too tough to call.

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I knew the birth was this season but haven't heard it was the finale. And Lily doesn't look "preggy" in the one scene we saw from the Barney's Wedding ep. Personally, I hope thta's not the finale either, that we see the mother in at least asoem ep.s this season. I still have my fingers crossed for Amber playing her but hey, as long as thye get there.

Cindy: "Ted, this is Sylvia, my ex-roomate." Older Ted: "And kids, the story's not over yet, but that's actually when I met your mother."
I'm definately with Jaymii on this. I enjoy the show as a sitcom, not as a mystery tale. I am not watching to see the mother question get revolved, but love the characters and the comedy (and I do think the future Ted-narrator definately adds something to the show.)

Sandy was good again, but I'm more than ready to also see Alexis in some other roles ... really looking forward to "Much ado".

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