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November 15 2011

Fran Kranz talks Much Ado. It's a video interview with The Morning After, on Hulu. He discusses how the project came up, other cast members, and the release method question.

For the Hulu challenged, Fran: discusses how he literally thought they'd be filming a reading, but showed up to a grip truck and craft services; jokingly demures from discussing exactly how this fit into Joss' schedule so as to not get him in Avengers trouble; says Nathan Fillion is "amazing" as the "sort of bumbling constable of the watch"; and says that originally there was talk of just putting it online, but then it turned out so well they want to do the festival thing.

On behalf of those outside the US, thanks for the summary.
A couple things I found fun from the video for those who can't watch it: Fran said the text was the original, but is "significantly cut." Instead of soldiers in the play, they are more like politicians. He said Joss kept using the word 'espionage' to describe it. Jillian (Hero) had a small roll in The Avengers and Joss really liked her. They were going to put the film online around the Avengers and Cabin releases, but thought "it's pretty cool, let's go for it," so they decided on the festival circuit.
I thought he said soldiers *and* politicians. Certainly in the play Benedick is just back from the wars. Anyway, fun interview!
So it's going to be like sitting in on a very fancy version of one of Joss's readings. BEST DAY EVER.
In a lighter vein, Fran Kranz also says what it was like kissing Summer Glau in Dollhouse : "It was awesome, i had a super crush on her"

HD video on Youtube (no IP blocking) :
That was a nice snippit chriss66, thanks. If anything else gets up on YouTube for us hulu challenged people, let us know, ok?
Damn, the video's expired. :( Couldn't they have waited until after I finished my school project?!

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