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November 15 2011

(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Whedonverse comics in February. Full info and covers for Buffy #6, Angel & Faith #7, Dollhouse Epitaphs collection.

The Jeanty cover for Buffy S9 # 6 is a homage to Tomb Of Dracula #10.The first appearance of Blade.With Nikki Wood standing in for Blade and Spike standing in for Dracula(Spike might be insulted by that due to his rivalry with the

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All the covers are fantastic except for the Phil Noto one, personally it just feels a little wrong, Buffy looks good but Spike looks off. Other than the thing about Spike, all the covers this month are awesome!

I love the Jeanty one a lot, it's a lot of fun and it looks awesome.

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I've always like Noto, but I was really liking the Buffy covers for season 9.
It's interesting to note that Buffy #6 is the first part of a two issue arc concluding in issue 7 instead of the normal four issue arc.It should also be noted that later in the season we'll be getting another two issue arc written by Jane Espenson and Drew Greenberg where the
Buffy is totally getting preggers. She looks pregnant to me in that Noto one, plus the references to Nikki. This will be very interesting.......
Even if she is, she wouldn't look it already. Unless they're doing yet another magically sped up pregnancy, which I'd like to think they'd avoid this time. Well-worn and tired territory.
Yeah you're right b!x. It just kind of looks like her stomach is showing a little in that first one. I too hope it is not mystical and just a plain old normal human sort of pregnancy.
That Dollhouse: Epitaphs collection is coming out pretty quickly, I wonder if we'll see the Buffy and Angel & Faith trades in April.
Well, the Dollhouse trade is being solicited with the February books, but the release date is apparently April 11.
Do we know if the Dollhouse TPB will have the original Epitaphs one-shot as well? It says it has the mini-series for sure, but it seems like it would make most sense to include the 'intro' issue as well.
It says that it collects the "entire" miniseries, which would suggest that the one-shot would be collected as well, since it shares the same name as the 5-issue series that followed.
Also, at 160 pages, the math works out for the inclusion of the one-shot; at 22 pages a book, 6 books would bring the page count up to 132 pages, which leaves 28 pages for ads, extras, and other miscellaneous items.
Wow. The "Nikki" cover totally recalls Fool For Love, when Buffy was injured and asked her boyfriend to patrol while she was doing research on past slayers.

Props to George doing a homage to this specific Dracula cover considering that Transylvania means "beyond the woods"

Still loving Noto's chocolate.

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Sure hope the Dollhouse one-shot is included, else I might just fall asleep.

It also says Volume 1, so more Dollhouse to come!

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The one-shot was a bit longer than 22 pages as I recall. Plus half of it was cobbled together from the DVD comic - I wonder which version they'll use in the collection?

I wouldn't read too much into the "vol 1" business personally.
@daylight: Well, that would leave slightly less than 28 pages for other items then. :)
You didn't factor covers into it did you? Including the one-shot I think there's 12 or 13 of those.

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