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November 15 2011

The top ten moments in 'Once More With Feeling'. Neatly tying in with the 10th anniversary, this article looks at the best moments from the musical in chronological order.

The best moment comes when Buffy sings the line: "I think I was in heaven." The looks on the faces of her friends (especially Willow) combine for one of the most heartbreaking moments in all seven seasons IMO.

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Nice breakdown and analysis. This is the one Buffy episode that I always find myself thinking, "Wow! It can't get better than this!" at just about every moment. The entire episode is the "Best Moment". It's Buffy's Out of Gas.
I'm not sure what I would leave off of their list in order to include it, but for me one of the Top Ten Best Moments is during 'Rest in Peace' where Spike gets down on his knee and says:

"You know, you got a willin' slave.
And you just love to play the thought that you might misbehave."

I love his self-awareness and acknowledgement of how he feels in that moment and I love him holding up the mirror to Buffy and her momentary acknowledgement of that truth. Even though Buffy rejects it barely a moment later, it sets the dynamic for all of what follows in S6. The looks on their faces and their body language in that moment is perfect.

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