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"Do we suspect that there may be some kind of connection between Ben and Glory?"
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November 16 2011

Jason O'Mara chats to Jose Molina about the genius of Joss. The actor chatted to the former Firefly writer on the set of Terra Nova.

That's a really nice interview (but I already knew that Joss was short).
Can't watch right now (at work), but what does Jason O'Mara have to do with Joss?
P.S. Terra Nova has a lot of potential. The kind of potential that could be put into effect if a certain someone directed an episode. Or three.
Jason O'Mara works with Jose.
But Joss isn't short. He isn't as tall as Nathan, say, but he is not short.
Joss is 5'10" ish. Jose was joking. Love hearing Jason's real accent. Wish he could use it more.

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