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November 16 2011

Buffy comics go digital. The long wait is over. Head over to Dark Horse Digital to see what's on offer so far.

Wonder if they'll eventually go day and date with Buffy Season 9 like DC and Marvel are doing.
I might get into this. I am sick to death of ordering single issues all the way from Stockholm and paying extra for the fact that there's not a comic book store anywhere near a town anywhere near the town I live outside of.

That or I'll wait for the trades.

Either way, I'm thankful for the alternatives.
Over on Twitter, I asked the day and date question: "We're still working out the details of Day and Date plans."
Nice! Am I reading correctly? Angel and Faith #1-3 are planned for digital release later today?
It's good the finally have done it, but Its not much good until they do day and date.
I remember Bitsy asked Scott Allie about the day and date subject at NYCC. I think he said going digital was the top priority and they'll deal with the rest after, or something. Don't quote me...I'm not able to check the original interview footage right now, but it was along those lines.
Now what will I bitch about? :)
I think you're right on that recollection, buffyfest.
Does anyone know what format(s) they offer the download in? Also if there is any DRM? This will determine whether or not I buy any of them.
It's all via and within the Dark Horse app. They aren't individual files you download separately in some other context or contexts.
Oh well there goes my interest. Thanks for the info though.
2 USD instead of 4 GBP. And no worry about dusting. Yay.
Now all we need is that android app!
FWIW, the release dates in that press release do, in fact, appear to be wrong. (Or at least some of them?)

Obviously nothing released last week, and today they released what they have listed for last week, plus Buffy S9 #3, but not Buffy S8 21-25 or any Angel comics. Their email newsletter puts Angel & Faith, listed in the release as hitting today, coming next week.

No idea how any of that affects the way the roll out is listed in that release. Maybe push back all the Buffy batches by a week? Don't know what they means for Dollhouse being listed on 11/23.

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I wonder if IDW's Angelverse back catalogue will ever go the same way.
Also, I'm not sure if they show up in the app, but on the online DH digital store, Buffy S8 issues are available in 5-issue "bundle" packs, which come to $1-2 less than buying each issue individually.
The technical description is somewhat less than crystal clear. The FAQ talks about an in-browser comic reader, so does that mean the comics can only be read online? Or can they be downloaded and read offline?
You can read offline if you're using their iOS app once you download them inside the app, but only online if you're using the digital store website.
No offline reading without apple gear? I'd rather just wait for trades then.

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More FWIW: you don't appear to be able to buy the bundles in the app, only from the online digital store. At least, I can't find them in the app.
As an FYI: Dark Horse has revised the publication schedule; as many noticed, it was kinda off (apparently due to some miscommunication between PR folks.) Here is the current one:

Buffy Season 8 #1-20
Buffy Season 9 #1, 2, 3

Buffy Season 8 #21-25
Angel #1-9
Angel & Faith #1 - 3

Dollhouse one shot and #1-5
Buffy Season 8 #26 - 30

Buffy Season 8 #31- 35

Buffy Season 8 #36-40
Angel #1-9 and Angel & Faith #1-3 are available starting today.
Was looking on the iPad app and the Angel comics still aren't up.
Want an Android app? Take a 1-question survey from Dark Horse.

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