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January 22 2004

(SPOILER) Entertainment Geekly reviews "Soul Purpose" "It's fever dream fun as David "But I What I Really Want To Do Is Direct" Bananas takes a turn behind the megaphone."

I have to say that David did a great job directing his first time out and this episode, for me, has to be one of the best of this season. First time writers seem to work well in the Buffyverse. Loved the homage to season 1 with Spike in the role of the "champion." It seems to be an interesting spin to take on this season and I can't wait to see where it leads. It almost reminded me of the first episode of Buffy season 7 where we were going back to the beginning. Angel seems to be following suit...let's hope they excute it better than Buffy did....

For those who want to be completely unspoiled, you probably shouldn't read the very last line of this review...
Sorry... I thought those of us who watched the show last night saw the coming attraction to next weeks episode....
I thought this was a really good review and I agreed that David B. did an excellent job of directing and it was one of the most solid episodes this season.
"Doylesy" ... I like that one.
I wish the WB had a spoiler preference checkbox. I'm getting tired of them spoiling me, weeks in advance.
I agree, he did a great job directing and I felt it was the best episode this season so far. Well written, had a good flow to it and I really did enjoy the going back to the beginning concept...

"Came up the Golf stream!" Loved that reference!
I though it was a great episode. When Spike called the "damsel in distress" a retard, I almost peed my pants. Of course it would be Spike that would tell someone they're an idiot for being alone in a dark alley in the middle of the night.......finally someone said it! The Buffy double WAS very obvious, it made me cringe. Otherwise I liked the whole episode, and thought D.B. did a great job.
I have to say though, I feel like Spike seems to be good ol' Spike, and everyone else seems, sort of......depressed. They used to be so Gung Ho, and passionate. I guess they're still trying to get used to their new situation, and their torn with this "bad power", and how to use it for good, but I miss the days where they all went out and kicked off on some ass like Spike did last night. I hope they get back into it soon.
I think that the "depressed gang" is going to be turned around on the 100th episode. I think all this is a build up to finally realizing the mistake they made by taking this deal and all will be remedied in the AtS world. That's my hope.

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Can someone tell me what the heck that Gulf Stream line is referencing? The only Big Fish movie I've seen is Jaws. Well, that and Tim Burton's Big Fish.
I liked the episode over all and thought Brent did a great job at actually adding some needed depth to this season as far as characters go. The fact that Wes seems now to be accepting his position within the company easier - Eve's comment about him throwing money at a problem and the fact that he and Gunn seemed more concerned with corporate finances than the simple idea of doing something cause it is the reight thing to do. Was it me or did anyone else get the idea that perhaps the writer was suggesting the age old axium "Money is the root of all evil." Spike taking up an almost monk like exsistance and when offered the chance to go and join the AI crew he turns them down making reference to the corporate teat. Then later when Fred tries to justify their actions Gunn acknowledging Spike may have hit close to his former self by saying "When you say it out loud like that it does sound naive." Also Angel wanting to kill all the monsters, trying to re-assert himself perhaps acknowledging that he is drowning in the corporate tape W&H has surrounded him with and the need for the simpler solution to slice right through it. I hope Brent writes more episodes in the future I think he is the infusion Angel characters need. Although the only thing I did not care for was the Buffy dialouge gleemed from old episode of BTVS which seemed oddly out of place and completely foriegn to the scene better dialouge could have been taken from any other episode, more appropriate dialouge may come from Becomming 2 when she tells Angel she loves him and to close his eyes. Or perhaps from "When she was bad" and she's dancing with Xander and ask "Did I ever thank you... for saving my life?" at least her voice would have been more in keeping with the scene then the dialouge they did use. They also could have thrown in a line from "Something Blue" like "Spike: What are you lookin' at? - Buffy: The man I love."

As for David's directing other than a few glitches I think he did as well as any other director on the show and even better than some of the writer/directors. I really felt the characters mesh this week both phsyically and emotionally, through the writing and directing the flow was rather well done. Love having Lindsey back, although in the first few moments of his first scene he seemed rather awkward, he quickly over came that, the only other issue that's pops to mind is the chemistry between Eve and Lindsey not really connecting like it was with the other characters but other than that - it was a very cool episode.

Oh one last thing I like the way Spike reference to Angel as more a big-brother, which seems to be what the dynamic of their relationship is turning into. Even though it could be taken to mean the other big-brother but either way I thought it added to how Spike and Angel's relationship may develop as the series moves forward.

MindPieces - Can someone tell me what the heck that Gulf Stream line is referencing? The only Big Fish movie I've seen is Jaws. Well, that and Tim Burton's Big Fish.

It's a quote from the movie Jaws.

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RavenU...The thing you said about Lindsey and Eve's chemistry....I totally agree. In fact, I don't see that Eve has chemistry with any of the Angel crew. I don't know if it's the actress, or it's the character. I keep waiting for her to make me love to hate her, but instead, I just feel annoyed each time she comes on screen. is it me?
Don't want to be a bummer but with all those well written surreal dream sequences going on couldn't David B. have utilized some special effects i.e. filters, altering film speed etc. that have been used by other Angel directors? Otherwise a fine episode.
Yeah - the blue fairy was rather a disappointment come to think of it. You think they could have CGI'd her in.
Thanks for helping me out with the quote RavenU. I guess I need to watch Jaws again, cause I don't remember that quote at all. Now if it had been "We're gonna need a bigger boat" I would have been all over it.

I personally loved and adored this episode, I thought it was one of the best Angel eps I'd ever seen. It had a different feel than anything we've seen before in the Buffyverse. Loved the surrealness of it all. I truly hope that Brent Fletcher is here to stay.

MindPieces - Loved the surrealness of it all.

If you like surreal wait until you watch Wonderfalls - I got it and watched it and I'm still like wow and huh. Only real disappointment is it is airing on FOX. I can only hope they give it the chance they have given Tru and not the chance they gave Firefly to survive.
I would have loved for SMG to have played the blue fairy. That would have fitted in well with the episode.
If you like surreal wait until you watch Wonderfalls - I got it and watched it and I'm still like wow and huh. Only real disappointment is it is airing on FOX. I can only hope they give it the chance they have given Tru and not the chance they gave Firefly to survive.

I've been really excited about Wonderfalls as well. Unfortunately...unusual premise: check. Tim Minear: check. FOX, Friday nights, 9 o'clock timeslot: checks all around. The short story? Show's got about a Firefly's chance on FOX to survive.

And, about Angel: I really enjoyed the absurdist vibe Wednesday's episode had going on. While I wouldn't want too see it too often, since, in excess, absurdism can seem forced, plus the masses often have a hard time "getting" it (hence the title "absurdism"), I wouldn't mind seeing more of the absurd once in a while.
Hey RavenU,

Didja happen to notice the opening theme to Wonderfalls? XTC frontman Andy Partridge had submitted a few tunes for it, including "I Wonder Why The Wonder Falls" and I'm curious what they used.
They didn't have any openning credits so no opening theme on this pilot but the music was strangely quirky in the show over all. Also who knew native americans were all white, perhaps a backlash from the na will propell Wonderfalls into a series, controversy when a series starts is always a good thing - look what it did for the Shield. BTW - the girl in Wonderfalls looks almost like a double of Joan of Arcadia.
I am going to be perfectly frank. I think “Soul Purpose” is one of the best episodes Whedon and company have ever made. Right around when Fred performs her surgery on Angel, I started saying to myself, “Wow, this episode might be something exceptional.” Yes, it did make me think of “Restless” right away, but I prefer “Soul Purpose”. “Restless” made the mistake of letting Buffy’s and Xander’s dreams go on for too long. Don’t get me wrong; I think “Restless” is a very good episode, but I do get bored at certain points whenever I watch it. “Soul Purpose” keeps me hooked from beginning to end, and Spike’s scenes had a lot to do with that. Extraordinary!

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